July 1, 2016

Who Will YOU Nominate?

By Randy Gaddo

Who Will YOU Nominate? -- Parks & Rec Business Magazine

Back in March, I wrote about an initiative started to support my keynote remarks at the Parks & Rec Business Fall Festival on September 29 at the Shisler Conference Center in Wooster, Ohio.

This is a one-day conference for professionals in the parks and rec, children's camp and landscape fields and the vendors and contractors who support them with products and services.

As I began to think about what I would say to this diverse group of people, I realized that the message had to be about "The Importance of YOU!"

After all, this event is all about YOU!

The point I want to make when I leave the podium is the knowledge that each and every person in an organization is important--indeed, YOU are important.

To support this theme, the PRB staff members and I want to use living examples of people, in the audience, who are making a difference in each one of these fields. I want to be able to name them, tell what they did and have them stand up and be recognized.

I have no scientific evidence of this, but my experience has validated what I believe to be true; with few exceptions, most people like to be recognized for what they do, whether it is their everyday job, or something that went above and beyond the everyday norm. Is there anybody reading this who can honestly say they hate hearing somebody thank them for doing a great job?

Yet, invariably, as we all (and I am guilty of it too) get caught up in the daily details of work and life, there is too little recognition, too little encouragement, too little heartfelt thanks to those in this day-to-day business of delivering quality recreational services to patrons.

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