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Focusing On Fun

Photo Courtesy Of NAYS

Youngsters participating in sports programs at the Simpsonville Parks and Recreation Department in Kentucky will never complain about being bored. Department Director Chris Truelock makes sure of that. “Last season, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring that fun in our youth-sports programs was paramount, and we refused to continue to offer the same, old, standard sports leagues,” says Truelock, who took over at the start of 2012 after 18 years at the Bloomington (Ind.) Parks and Recreation Department. “We wanted much more … Continue reading

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Forging Friendships

The best part of playing youth sports? Making lifelong friends!

Grateful for all of the friendships she forged while playing sports, Leslie Brinson is intent on making sure youngsters who participate in programs at the city of Bloomington’s (Ind.) Parks & Recreation Department are as lucky as she was. “Most of my memories involve teammates and the strong lasting friendships we created on the court or field,” says Brinson, who has spent the past decade as the department’s Facility/Program Coordinator. “I want participants in my program to develop life-long friendships … Continue reading

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Making Memories

For many kids, youth sports are a defining factor in their lives. Photo Courtesy NAYS

Kim Turner loved competing in track during her high-school days. She thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the school’s cheerleading squad, too. But her favorite memories—the ones that still resonate and are powerful enough to put a smile on her face decades later—are from her days as a youth-sports participant. And those memories have made a defining difference in how she handles the challenge-filled position of director of New Kent County Parks and Recreation in Virginia. “My best memories were … Continue reading

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Pass It On

Erin Niemeyer. Photo Courtesy of NAYS

Erin Niemeyer hit the youth-sports jackpot when she was growing up. Sport after sport and season after season, she was lucky enough to play for coaches who instilled life-defining values that continue to impact her today. Now, she’s doing everything possible to make sure the roughly 3,000 kids who participate in programs offered by the Redwood City (Calif.) Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department are treated to the same types of high-quality experiences she enjoyed growing up. “One of my … Continue reading

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Destined To Lead

Steve Herrera

It seems Steve Herrera was destined for a career in recreation. Growing up three blocks from a community center, he spent the bulk of his free time playing sports, forging friendships, and gaining valuable experience. In his 13th year as the recreation supervisor for the city of Carlsbad (Calif.), Herrera puts that knowledge to good use, overseeing a diverse offering of sports programs for 1,500 kids, ranging from 4 to 14. “As a child, I played many recreation sports, and … Continue reading

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