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Passionate Leader

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Growing up in the 1960s, Jeff Berthney’s days were filled with playing sports—from all-day sessions with neighborhood pals to taking part in a variety of organized programs. “Although my dad was in the Navy, my mom saw to it that I was always involved in sports,” Berthney says. “Since she did not drive, she did not see me play all the time. As one of the kids who walked to practices and games by myself, I remember how I felt. … Continue reading

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Role Models For Rookies

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Darryl Hopkins’ first experience playing youth football at age 7 turned out to be a life changer. “The best coach that I played for growing up was the first coach I ever had,” recalls Hopkins, the superintendent of athletics for the Statesboro-BullochCountyParks and Recreation Department in Georgia. “I had the time of my life. I didn’t realize it then, but he affected my life, and he is a big part of why I am successful today.” Successful, indeed, as he’s … Continue reading

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Dedicated To The Next Generation

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Recreation professionals often put in ridiculously long hours, so even the smallest gestures from youngsters in the programs can have the biggest impact. Just ask Landon Carroll, the Recreation Program Manager for the town of Holly Springs Parks & Recreation in North Carolina. “I remember working skills-assessment for a 9-10 boys soccer league,” recalls Carroll, who is in his fourth year as the recreation program manager at Holly Springs, and is a Certified Youth Sports Administrator. “All of the parents … Continue reading

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Instilling Life Values

As the nation’s third-largest county park system, Miami-DadeCountyParks, Recreation and Open Spaces in Florida provides youth-sports programming for a jaw-dropping 9,000 youngsters. That’s a lot of kids, a lot of volunteers coaching them, and certainly a lot of challenges for the staff overseeing the programs for youngsters ranging in age from 5 to 17. “Not every child is the same, and not every child comes from the same background,” says Eduardo Martinez, who is in his sixth year as the … Continue reading

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Focusing On Fun

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Youngsters participating in sports programs at the Simpsonville Parks and Recreation Department in Kentucky will never complain about being bored. Department Director Chris Truelock makes sure of that. “Last season, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring that fun in our youth-sports programs was paramount, and we refused to continue to offer the same, old, standard sports leagues,” says Truelock, who took over at the start of 2012 after 18 years at the Bloomington (Ind.) Parks and Recreation Department. “We wanted much more … Continue reading

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