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Colorful Memories

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The recreation soccer team Wayne Simmons played on as a youngster was easy to spot: Besides the orange jerseys his team wore, they also took the field with orange hair that the kids had sprayed before their games. It’s one of Simmons’ favorite youth-sports memories. “At this time the movie The Big Green was released by Disney, and our team adopted the team nickname “The Big Orange” since we had orange jerseys that season,” Simmons recalls. “At one of our … Continue reading

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Enjoyable Experiences

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Several years ago Mike Buchanan, the superintendent for the city of Manhattan (Kan.) Parks and Recreation Department, was tending to some business at the park on a warm Saturday morning in July.  A softball team in the department’s 4th-grade league had begun practice, and Buchanan watched the girls complete some basic warm-up drills rather lethargically due to the heat. Then practice took an interesting turn. An assistant coach placed a bucket of water balloons between home plate and the pitching … Continue reading

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Making Positive Memories

Growing up, Rick Bruya’s sports participation was packed with fun, learning, and character-building experiences. And—as it turned out—a career-shaping one too.  From the stinging disappointment of not making an all-star team as a 10-year-old after earning a coveted spot the year before, to capping his senior season of high school football with a state championship, Bruya’s wide-ranging experiences were the perfect backdrop for launching him into the field of recreation. These days, he savors his role in guiding youngsters of … Continue reading

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Remaining Relevant

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Teens who have been cut from their high-school basketball teams, or those not interested in playing at that competitive level, love participating in a popular high-school intramural basketball league at the city of Kearney (Neb.) Park & Recreation Department. “Although the games can get competitive, it is definitely a social affair,” says Scott Hayden, the director. It’s also a memory-maker for the youngsters—and for Hayden, too. This year’s league-championship game featured a crowd of about 200 people. Hayden reports that … Continue reading

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What It’s All About

For Christi DeLoach, sports have always been a huge—and incredibly rewarding—part of her life. Whether it’s playing and competing or organizing and supervising, they have an impact on everything she does. “Sports have been a part of my life since I was very young, and it is where I am most comfortable,” says DeLoach, who has spent the past 14 years with the Columbia County Recreation Department in Georgia, including the last 10 months as assistant athletic supervisor. “It has … Continue reading

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