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Pool Closing—New approaches for new weather patterns


 The world is changing and so are its weather patterns. Predictable seasonal weather is a thing of the past.  When it comes to closing down pools for the season the traditional methods used in the past may need to change and adapt to these new weather patterns.   Many weather experts report that spring is coming earlier, summers are stretching out longer and winters are becoming shorter. This means that in many areas of the country, warmer weather could stretch into … Continue reading

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Keep Track of Your Successes

You have probably had more wins than losses.

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day; we’ll call him Joe for purposes of this missive. He’s a guy I’ve known for many years. He’s a good guy, a bit rough around the edges, rubs people wrong more than he should, but still a good, loyal friend. He was lamenting at all the things that had happened to him over the years. He was the chief of photography at a local newspaper for more than 25 years–a great photographer, … Continue reading

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A Day To Remember

Life is a series of moments.

All he wanted to do was scratch his leg. A simple reach down and a couple of rakes of his nails across his calf and it would bring so much relief. But he couldn’t. For starters, the place that itched was packed away under two pairs of socks and thick field boots and second, if he did move right now, the enemy who had been spotted in this eerily quiet field might hear him and aim their weapons in his area. So he lay quiet, … Continue reading

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Recovering Control Freaks


I think I used to be a control freak; OK, maybe I still am to a certain degree, but I think I am starting to loosen up a bit; life does that to you if you’re listening. I don’t know where I developed the tendency to need everything in complete harmony with my world. Growing up on a Wisconsin farm didn’t do it, I don’t think. Or maybe it did. You have to do things a certain way or crops don’t grow, cows … Continue reading

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HOK to Acquire 360 Architecture

New York– HOK announced it has agreed to acquire the award-winning design firm 360 Architecture, re-establishing HOK as a global leader in sports and entertainment facility design and giving the firm a significant new presence in Kansas City. 360 Architecture is one of the world’s leading designers of stadiums, ballparks, arenas, recreation and wellness centers, and mixed-use entertainment districts. The more than 180-person firm, which also specializes in the design of corporate and commercial office buildings, government and civic facilities, … Continue reading

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