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Communication Gap: Pencil-Thin Line or Wide Chasm?

Close the communication gap.

I got an interesting email from a Week-Ender follower and regular reader of my monthly “LBWA” column in PRB. This recreation coordinator from mid-America was asking for advice on how to handle a situation in his department. I gave him some free advice and I’d like to hear the opinions of other readers to see if you agree, disagree, or have other thoughts. Send them in here. He said he was being “mildly reprimanded” by his boss for making comments such as “keep it … Continue reading

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Clearing The Lawn Of Leaves


WACO, Texas – The seasons are changing, and with fall comes leaves – often lots of them. Keeping a lawn leaf-free can be a daunting task for some homeowners. There are multiple ways to get rid of accumulating leaves, whether homeowners are disposing of them or recycling them. The Grounds Guys offers a few tips for keeping leaves under control this fall. When disposing of leaves: Mow them up Attach a bag to your lawn mower and mow over the leaves … Continue reading

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Trails Ticket To Reduce Youth Obesity?


COLUMBIA, Mo. – As youth obesity levels in America remain at record high levels, health professionals and policymakers continue to search for solutions to this national health issue. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri and the University of Minnesota have found that local governments can help reduce youth obesity levels by increasing the amount and type of public lands available for recreation. Sonja Wilhelm Stanis, an associate professor of parks, recreation and tourism in the MU College of Agriculture, … Continue reading

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The Clearest Thoughts Come Through A Cluttered Mind


Have you ever tried to meditate? Or hear about people putting in hours of prayer and concentrated study? I’ve given it a good shot. I had good intentions and put myself in a quiet place and got to the moment where I could say, “OK, begin.” But that was kind of like the beginning of a hot dog eating contest. It isn’t like a car or horse or foot race where you begin and it’s like immediately exciting and challenging. Meditating and hot dog eating is … Continue reading

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Pool Closing—New approaches for new weather patterns


 The world is changing and so are its weather patterns. Predictable seasonal weather is a thing of the past.  When it comes to closing down pools for the season the traditional methods used in the past may need to change and adapt to these new weather patterns.   Many weather experts report that spring is coming earlier, summers are stretching out longer and winters are becoming shorter. This means that in many areas of the country, warmer weather could stretch into … Continue reading

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