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Fall Chaos–Publisher’s Note

Next week, the kids go back to school—which means the seasons, they are a-changing. In our home, this change is abrupt. The languid pace of summer shifts quickly, literally overnight, to the barely controlled chaos that is morning bus stop runs, homework, soccer games, car pools, and everything else that comes with using two cars to get seven people where they need to go on time (and with all the things they need to do whatever it is they’re doing). … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Note — Overflowing With Ideas

When we flush the commode in our upstairs bathroom, the pipes squeak and shake like the walls are possessed. The culprit—at least according to my wife—is the new, plusher toilet paper she introduced to our five kids. Apparently, plusher also means you use more of it and express wonder and shock, “Shock, I tell you!” when the toilet overflows. The problem has become so severe the plunger now lives permanently next to the kid’s toilet. As you might guess, our … Continue reading

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Two Scoops — Publisher’s Note

I was sitting on our front porch swing enjoying the cooling temperature of twilight and watching my two 7-year-olds (and the rest of the neighborhood pack they run with) race their bikes round and round the cul-de-sac when the front door opened.  Out came my wife holding the best part of summer in Ohio—two scoops of Graeter’s ice cream. She handed me my bowl of Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and sat down with her favorite flavor—Toffee Chocolate Chip.  Now, if … Continue reading

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ReLAX!–Publisher’s Note

I grabbed the pink umbrella wedged next to one of the car seats, shook it open and tried in vain to shield myself from the driving sleet and hail stinging my face. I was dressed for 48 degrees and rainy – boots, rain gear, ball cap — but was not prepared for what felt like a winter storm. Crazy weather for Ohio in late May, but not unprecedented. As I trudged along the asphalt path leading from the overflow parking … Continue reading

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Lightning In A Basket — Publisher’s Note

Lightning dotted the sky as the lifeguards/swim instructors hurried us across the pool deck and into the boiler room separating the women’s locker room from the men’s. I was 12 years old. My brother was 10. Our swim lesson was aborted and we were wet, cold, and shivering. There had been no time to grab a towel and the boiler room was not heated. But, we were safe from the lighting and possible tornado raging outside. As we waited in … Continue reading

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