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Preserving The Past


In many ways, downtown Westminster in Maryland has changed little in the last 100 years. Located in Carroll County, the city’s street-level shops and upper-floor apartments capture a glimpse of olden days. Local business owners greet passersby, and farming still dominates the landscape on the outskirts of town. Westminster is the quintessential “Main Street USA” community, complete with quaint tree-lined streets and stunning historic architecture on every corner. A Look Back The Westminster Branch Library is on East Main Street … Continue reading

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Line Streets, Sidewalks, And Beyond

Photos Courtesy Of Pine Hall Brick Company

Stroll through downtowns, city parks, college campuses, and backyards to see the oldest trend return: genuine clay brick pavers used in sidewalks, streets, driveways, and patios. Because the pavers are the same color throughout, they combine classic aesthetic appeal with today’s emphasis on “green” construction. Durable enough to last centuries and made from clay and water—two of the most abundant building materials on the planet—these pavers are the essence of sustainability.  Some of the newest clay pavers are “green” twice:  … Continue reading

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Retrofitting For Sustainability

To address environmental issues and create a site that meets the needs of the community, the Grass Lawn Park project was completed in three phases. 
Photos Courtesy Of Bruce Dees & Associates, LLC

For more than 30 years, GrassLawnPark has been the most utilized “year-round” park in Redmond, Wash., providing a variety of recreational opportunities and a unique respite in the middle of an urbanized area. After many years as a valuable regional amenity, the park’s fields and facilities were in need of renovation. Poor drainage affected the park’s winter-use potential, while the community was emerging with changing recreational needs that the old park could no longer satisfy. In response, the city’s parks … Continue reading

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Splash, Trickle, And Flow

Mistakes in design and installation give water features a mixed reputation, despite the fact they can provide valuable elements in landscaping. Several key issues are often overlooked during the conceptual phase by designers who may not understand the intricate patterns of flowing water, the limitations of mechanical components, or the complex environment of microorganisms living in water. This may result in future problems: Excessive waste of water Difficult installation Costly operation and maintenance. This article is intended to describe a … Continue reading

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The “Mane” Attraction

Nine large granite lion heads were found
during site excavation work. Of those,
three were chosen to be used for the
new water feature at the park in Boston's Allston neighborhood.

It’s fairly difficult to miss seeing a lion, but it appears that several of these beasts were overlooked for quite some time before they were re-purposed and thrown into a Boston park to play with children. Did I mention they are made of granite? A water spray feature built by Harvard University now contains large, granite lion heads—items discarded and long forgotten until they were discovered during soil excavation work in Boston’s Allston neighborhood by university employees. Officials retrieved the … Continue reading

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