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Thoughtful Planning For A Peaceful Park

Photos Courtesy of Parviz Izadjoo

Evans Parkway Neighborhood Park in Silver Spring, Md., was originally built in the 1960s. The park provides a walk-to facility for residents of the single-family homes surrounding the park as well as the nearby apartments. The 7.5-acre park, which was in need of renovation, included an informal play field, playground, two tennis courts, a full-size basketball court, and open fields at both ends. A concrete-lined stream bisected the park in the eastern portion of the site. An old, rusty metal … Continue reading

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Serene Latrine

Photos Courtesy of Miró Rivera Architects

Location: Austin, Texas Size: 70 square feet  The Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail is a linear park of scenic trails and landscaping that follows the banks of the Colorado River in downtown Austin. Very popular among runners and bike riders, the park provides residents and visitors with a rural escape in an urban setting. The public restroom—the first in the park in more than 30 years—was built by the Town Lake Trail Foundation, a community-based non-profit organization, in … Continue reading

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Kid Magnet

Photos: Courtesy Of The St. Charles Park District

A river running through a city is a beautiful sight, and any park district lucky enough to have such a natural treasure would be remiss in not promoting it to its advantage. With the scenic Fox River at its doorstep, the St. Charles Park District in Illinois wanted to highlight its connection to the waterway in creating a new attraction and restoring an iconic destination in the jewel of its downtown park system—historic Pottawatomie Park.  In 2013, the park district … Continue reading

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A Star-Studded Lineup

Photos Courtesy of the City of Carlsbad

   Aquatic facilities and community parks across the country are not merely locations for exercise and well-being for the average resident, but they can also foster dreams, sports achievements, careers, and even international fame for the elite athlete. And just as these athletes train for years, the public agencies that plan, construct, and operate aquatic and community centers must work diligently to see a project through to completion and successful long-term operation.   Such was the case with the city of … Continue reading

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Risky Business

As an expert witness called to testify by attorneys in numerous drowning or near-drowning cases, I’ve observed a victim’s family members attempt to ease the pain of losing (or almost losing) a loved one by finding someone to blame. In certain cases, a lifeguard or pool manager failed to perform his or her duties, or a facility didn’t provide a reasonable standard of care, and the finger-pointing is justified. At other times, however, the tragedy is exactly that: a tragedy. … Continue reading

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