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History Filled With People Making Choices

Get young people excited about history.

I periodically have the opportunity to speak with young men and women about history. I got into an informal conversation recently with some students about history and I was a bit shocked at the attitude some of them had about it. One of them made the statement, “History is just a bunch of dates and names and places you have to memorize to get through a class.”  I challenged him on it. “You’re wrong,” I told him. “Behind each one of those … Continue reading

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Lifetime Achievement

Photo Courtest of NAYS

Many years ago, Ken Koonce returned to his hometown of Kinston, N.C., for Christmas, where he received one of the best gifts a recreation professional could ask for—a thank you for a life he impacted through the power of sports. Walking through a mall one December day, he noticed a tall, well-built young man coming toward him. He learned that the man swam on Ken’s youth team many years before. Ken was stunned by what happened next. “He proceeded to … Continue reading

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Man Up Like In The Movies

Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / urfingus

In 1953, George Stevens directed an American western for Paramount called Shane. The film was based on a 1949 novel of the same title, written by Jack Schaefer. It starred Alan Ladd as Shane—a drifting, gun-slinging cowboy, and Van Heflin as a land-settling farmer named Joe. Joe’s wife was played by Jean Arthur and their son Joey by Brandon DeWilde. No bad guys were colder than Jack Palance, who played a gunman named Wilson.  Most Americans over the age of … Continue reading

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Liquid Assets — LBWA

Photo Courtesy of the Carolina Irrigation Association

Editor’s Note: This column, “LBWA” (Leadership By Wandering Around), is based on the premise that, in order to find out what’s going on in the field, a parks and rec leader has to leave his or her desk and “wander around” the area of operations, talk to people, ask questions, and kick around ideas with the individuals in the thick of delivering services to the public. So the author will bring up issues and ask the leaders among the readership … Continue reading

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