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Webinar — Designing For Inclusive Play

Approved course for LA CES credits Are you striving to get this utimate inclusive design? With a modest capital investment, and nominal maintenance costs, Splashpads have become the ideal solution for both elected officials and recreation leaders. The Splashpad – based on sustainable and inclusive design principles has given way to creating quality play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. Monica Slanik, BSc.,OT, McGill University, will present practical tips to make sure your Splashpad design is a success. … Continue reading

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LBWA–“Fore” Effective Golf Course Maintenance

Photo Courtesy of Brevard County Parks and Recreation Department

Editor’s Note: This column, “LBWA” (Leadership By Wandering Around), is based on the premise that, in order to find out what’s going on in the field, a parks and rec leader has to leave his or her desk and “wander around” the area of operations, talk to people, ask questions, and kick around ideas with the individuals in the thick of delivering services to the public. So the author will bring up issues and ask the leaders among the readership … Continue reading

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Facial expressions are an important channel of nonverbal communication.

I study faces. Expressions, reactions, emotions – I love to see if I can read the face and if it matches or betrays the situation. My wife is constantly nudging me, “You’re staring. Why are you always staring at people?” I can’t help it, I find it fascinating. When celebrities or people of public interest show up on television shows and they have been embarrassed or otherwise impacted by something recently I can’t take my eyes off their faces. General Petraeus, Monica Lewinski, Woody Allen, … Continue reading

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Pedaling Park Maintenance

Staff members of the Mt. Pleasant Parks Department in Michigan knew they needed a more efficient and earth-friendly way to complete daily park-maintenance tasks. After exploring several options, and noting at least one staff member who had a passion for bicycles, the department decided to incorporate this mode of transportation into its routine. This project—named the Green Maintenance Bike Initiative—provides new and recycled bikes for daily maintenance in the city’s parks. With connected access to five of the city’s most … Continue reading

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Bullying Prevention

Whether you are volunteering as a coach for a town league or a school, coaching youth sports is not easy. Finding the time between busy work schedules and family responsibilities to prepare practice drills and strategies and attend practices and games—although rewarding—can be overwhelming. Coaches also need to be sure their players feel safe and comfortable with teammates.  Good-natured teasing and competitive attitudes have always been a part of sports, and it has sometimes been easy for coaches and volunteers … Continue reading

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