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Collective Thinking

Is it possible to have several smart individuals in a group, only to have them produce lousy ideas? The answer is yes! Can the collective intelligence of a group go beyond the abilities of individual group members? Again, the answer is yes. If a manager wants to contribute to a team’s performance, consider that teamwork does not come naturally. In the rush to create highly functioning teams, it is easy to assign a number of individuals with diverse talents, goals … Continue reading

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Rewarding Employees

As times change, so do the expectations of employees in the workplace (Robb, 2007). They want to be appreciated for their contributions, and employers need to be creative in ways of doing so. Here are a few reasons why providing recognition in the workplace is a must–especially during tough times. So come on, managers, it’s time for some reward lessons! Recognition Is FREE! One of the most effective, yet powerful ways to reward and recognize employees is also the cheapest. … Continue reading

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Connect The Dots

Many organizations–including parks and recreation agencies–will soon face a major shift in staffing due to the “Baby Boomer effect” and the “Generation X and Generation Y effect.” The baby boomers have retirement in their sights, and will be leaving organizations in record numbers. While it has been common for boomers and older-generation employees to stay in agencies long-term, the Generation X and Generation Y effect will make this a thing of the past. These employees are looking to build skills … Continue reading

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The People We Serve

Names, or “labels,” affect past, present and future relationships, sometimes profoundly. As stated in “Leisure programming: A service-centered and benefits approach,” “The use of one particular label versus another will have a direct bearing and impact on the association that is established [between your agency and the public].” So, what do you call the folks who walk through the door–participants, patrons, customers, clients, members, users, visitors, guests, consumers? Do all personnel use the same term when greeting these folks? Is … Continue reading

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“Model” Behavior

Transforming concepts into reality is very much like combining music and words: one method of communication helps get the idea across. So, although the “toolboxing” technique featured in this column is original to the parks and recreation profession, it should not be a surprise that a similar approach–in a totally different field–was conceived in the early 1960s: Model-Netics. The brainchild of Harold S. Hook, Model-Netics formally was introduced to the insurance industry in 1971, and continues to thrive today. Hook … Continue reading

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