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Strangers Of A Feather

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On a snowy January 4 in 1981 I carefully maneuvered my pickup truck down the interstate, heading back to Bowling Green State University. It was the end of winter break, and while I methodically crawled along through typical Cleveland-area squalls, I was listening to the radio as Browns quarterback Brian Sipe drove his team down the field. As I traveled closer to Bowling Green, the radio signal grew weaker and weaker until I finally lost it altogether. I approached a … Continue reading

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Influenced By The Captain


Cosmo Allegretti died July 26, 2013, in Phoenix, Ariz. He was 86. Most people won’t know him by name. Allegretti was a jack-of-all-trades on the infamous Captain Kangaroo Show that ran for nearly 30 years, beginning in October 1955.  Allegretti first worked on the show as a set painter, but was soon making and voicing puppets. Crouching behind sets, he commanded the hand puppets Mr. Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Moose, antagonists to the Captain’s straight-man character played by Bob Keeshan. … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunities

Bobby mowed grass for the park system throughout high school. And after just one semester of community college, he stopped by the field office on the way home and asked if he could be hired full-time. He loved his summers on the mower, loved working outside, and didn’t really feel he was college material anyway. After a few months and a polished resume, Bobby got his wish. At age 19 he was a full-time employee of the park system. But … Continue reading

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“Lead”ing The Discussion

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Lately, you can’t open a magazine or newspaper, let alone peruse the web, without finding articles about leaders who should have done a better job or managers who should have reacted better. From sports managers to politicians, it seems most everyone understands what makes a great leader, and these writers take great pride in dispensing their wisdom. For lack of a better analogy, this advice is similar to a “play-by-play” account of Frankenstein’s monster on the loose: “Now it’s running … Continue reading

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Modern-Day Employment

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As I progress in my career, I find certain ideas evolving around executive newcomers. Some of these findings are the result of ambitious youth and some from a revised financial mindset (circa 2008) that sees danger in projects that take too long or tie up too many people. Also, in an age of multi-taskers, modern technology has given people tools, dexterity, and abilities that have diminished the likelihood of success through the once-honored path from mailroom/stock-boy to corporate vice-president. Age … Continue reading

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