On The Right Track

Oakmont, located 14 miles northeast of the city of Pittsburgh, Penn., is a community of 6,000 residents over 1.5 square miles. Founded in 1889 as a railroad town and the namesake to the world-famous Oakmont Country Club, the community is distinguished by an eclectic collection of shops, boutiques, and eateries in its business district, and residential neighborhoods primarily consisting of single-family homes.  Oakmont’s historic Riverside Park is nestled along the Allegheny River, neighboring the Hulton Bridge and immediately adjacent to … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Note — Overflowing With Ideas

When we flush the commode in our upstairs bathroom, the pipes squeak and shake like the walls are possessed. The culprit—at least according to my wife—is the new, plusher toilet paper she introduced to our five kids. Apparently, plusher also means you use more of it and express wonder and shock, “Shock, I tell you!” when the toilet overflows. The problem has become so severe the plunger now lives permanently next to the kid’s toilet. As you might guess, our … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Henderson

Photos Courtesy of the City of Henderson

With 57 parks and counting, and at least six parks and trails projects under way or nearing construction in Henderson, Nev., residents and officials in nearby parks and recreation agencies are scratching their heads wondering where the funding comes from. Over the last few years, Henderson has relied on two primary sources—the federal government and developers.  To date, the city has been awarded more than $238 million for 35 parks and trails projects. The funding was received from the Bureau … Continue reading

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Manage Modesty

Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / racorn

Two tree cutters were suspended in the tree outside my second-floor bathroom window one recent morning. They were hired by the city to trim branches and limbs along property lines to keep the debris away from power and phone wires.  While I was shaving, the window was open enough that I could hear them. They didn’t know that I was there, and I heard the following conversation:  “Man,” the one guy says, “you vote for that Obama?” “Nah,” says the … Continue reading

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Learn The Proper Way To Apply Pesticides

Philadelphia, Penn. – Summer months mean higher pest pressure in most areas of the country — so it’s more important than ever to know how to properly apply pesticides. That’s why FMC Corporation is reintroducing three videos showing proper guidelines for liquid pesticide applications and demonstrating how to apply Talstar® Professional Insecticide. The videos take viewers step-by-step through applications of Talstar  for outdoor spot and perimeter treatments, as well as indoor applications.  Now live on the FMC Turf YouTube channel, “How to … Continue reading

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