Are You In The Crazy Column? — Publisher’s Note

I was standing at our kitchen island packing my lunch and mentally organizing my day when I heard my older 7-year-old daughter say to her twin sister, “Isabel. I’m in the crazy column!” Isabel didn’t look up—she kept her head bent over her cereal bowl and said, “I know Julia!” with as much disdain and boredom as she could muster. Normally, any conversation between the twins is purely background noise—taking second place to the rush to get all seven of … Continue reading

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Being Grateful For What I Have


It is easy to forget about the little things  in life that really count and to be grateful for them. Thanksgiving is the time of year when we highlight the things for which we are grateful, but what are those things, really? I guess in this season of thanks, I am grateful for the things I have: a good family who is there for each other when it’s needed; I have a home, income, an active life of activities, a … Continue reading

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The Freshman Five: The First Chapter Of Adulthood


So we’re visiting college campuses lately.  The final fledgling is getting ready for his solo flight from the mothership beginning fall 2015. It has all the same feel as before; mom is worried about him going it alone, grandma is reminding me about things I need to “cover” with him before he’s out on his own, brothers and sisters feel the need to tell me that he should commute to college and live at home because “he’s just too young for … Continue reading

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It’s Just So Noisy Out There!

Enjoy the silence.

So I am up in a deer stand at a friend’s expansive private property in way-south Georgia.  Well, it was more a deer-press-box.  I mean it had all the comforts of home – a swivel office chair, padded rifle rests on the shooting ports, convenient shelves (a.k.a. 2×4 studs) for personal items. Now if any gentle Week-Ender readers morally object to the hunting of Bambi, please take refuge in the fact that nary a hair on any deer’s head was … Continue reading

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Frozen Memories

Playing outdoor hockey
is a favorite winter activity of the Stoller clan. Jim
Stoller, his two brothers and their sons soak up the good times during a game on their NiceRink outdoor haven.

Installing a seasonal rink is easy, affordable and conducive to great times. JIM STOLLER, president of NiceRink, wants you to close your eyes and imagine yourself on a winter night, stepping into your backyard, walking down a walkway, past a lighted-up fire pit, down to the foot of a frozen pond that you made all on your own. It’s the imagery authors dream of writ­ing and the “frozen memories” Stoller said his company not only makes, but prides itself on. … Continue reading

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Norwalk Aquatic Pavillion

12301 Sproul Street (562) 929-5622 Join a class, work out on your own, or just jump in and enjoy the Norwalk Aquatic Pavilion. Located at Norwalk Park, the Aquatic Pavilion is a state-of-the-art facility providing the community with opportunities for [...] More