Field Notes Ronnie Pascale has joined Brock International as Eastern Regional Vice President. Drawing upon his experience as a former coach and professional soccer player, he will work to educate coaches, athletic directors, landscape architects and park administrators about preventing concussions and other sports injuries from the ground up.  Superior Recreational Products (SRP) hired Jessica Kyriakos to the Sales and Marketing team as the Brand Manager for SRP’s Site Amenities product line. She will be the liaison between SRP’s Partners … Continue reading

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ECORE Celebrates American Roots

Lancaster, PA – With the 4th of July approaching, many Americans are feeling patriotic. This brings to mind the importance of buying American made products. The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center defines made in the U.S.A. as “all or virtually all” of the product has been made in America; all significant parts, processing, and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin.  ECORE International, a company that transforms reclaimed waste into unique performance surfacing, … Continue reading

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The Gateway To Adulthood

Illustration: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / uniqueshots

I was doing historical research for another column I’ve been working on when I came across an anonymous statement that gave me pause: “People either participated in the 1980s or sat back and watched. Those that engaged it seemed to be trying to recreate the 1950s.”  I was 20 at the very beginning of that era, in 1980. At the threshold to my future, I felt really good about what I was doing, and how I was going about it. … Continue reading

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Preserving The Past For The Future

Illustrations Courtesy Of RATIO

The City of Noblesville, Ind., recently committed to implementing an extensive plan for public-space development immediately west of the historic downtown, a $17-million investment. The master plan includes a new park, a sweeping pedestrian bridge across the White River, and pedestrian and traffic-calming enhancements to an adjacent state highway. This is the fulfillment of a vision established through collaboration between the mayor’s office and the city’s departments of parks and recreation, planning, engineering, and economic development. The master-planning process was … Continue reading

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Two Scoops — Publisher’s Note

I was sitting on our front porch swing enjoying the cooling temperature of twilight and watching my two 7-year-olds (and the rest of the neighborhood pack they run with) race their bikes round and round the cul-de-sac when the front door opened.  Out came my wife holding the best part of summer in Ohio—two scoops of Graeter’s ice cream. She handed me my bowl of Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip and sat down with her favorite flavor—Toffee Chocolate Chip.  Now, if … Continue reading

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West Orange Trail: Killarney Station

The West Orange Trail begins at Killarney Station on Old State Road 50 and extends north into Apopka. Ten miles of this 22-mile trail are equestrian, providing a beautifully scenic trail-ride. Four trailheads and five outposts are located along the [...] More