History Filled With People Making Choices

Get young people excited about history.

I periodically have the opportunity to speak with young men and women about history. I got into an informal conversation recently with some students about history and I was a bit shocked at the attitude some of them had about it. One of them made the statement, “History is just a bunch of dates and names and places you have to memorize to get through a class.”  I challenged him on it. “You’re wrong,” I told him. “Behind each one of those … Continue reading

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Over The Drainage District

Photos Courtesy of Oakland County Parks and Recreation

Recycling isn’t limited to plastic, paper, and aluminum. A 6,700-acre parks system in Michigan turned land unsuitable for development into a recreation destination that serves more than 170,000 annual visitors. RedOaksCountyPark in Madison Heights features:  A Jerry Matthews-designed nine-hole golf course A waterpark, including a wave-action pool, waterslide, and river ride A 5-acre dog park Youth soccer fields A nature center surrounded by the Suarez Friendship Woods.  Much of the park is situated over a previously open-drainage system that had … Continue reading

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Lifetime Achievement

Photo Courtest of NAYS

Many years ago, Ken Koonce returned to his hometown of Kinston, N.C., for Christmas, where he received one of the best gifts a recreation professional could ask for—a thank you for a life he impacted through the power of sports. Walking through a mall one December day, he noticed a tall, well-built young man coming toward him. He learned that the man swam on Ken’s youth team many years before. Ken was stunned by what happened next. “He proceeded to … Continue reading

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Piece Together A Parcel Pie

Floods have no jurisdictional boundaries. Storm and flood waters demand land-use decisions on neighboring properties, in neighboring communities, and throughout watersheds. While this connection comes with unfair costs in handling upstream development, it also offers a unique and beneficial opportunity for net gains.    Local government agencies can manage stormwater more efficiently and effectively by working together. Each entity has a “comparative advantage” i.e., the capacity to provide certain resources more efficiently, than other partner governments. When these advantages are combined, … Continue reading

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Man Up Like In The Movies

Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / urfingus

In 1953, George Stevens directed an American western for Paramount called Shane. The film was based on a 1949 novel of the same title, written by Jack Schaefer. It starred Alan Ladd as Shane—a drifting, gun-slinging cowboy, and Van Heflin as a land-settling farmer named Joe. Joe’s wife was played by Jean Arthur and their son Joey by Brandon DeWilde. No bad guys were colder than Jack Palance, who played a gunman named Wilson.  Most Americans over the age of … Continue reading

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