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“Suit-able” Attire

Although women’s fashions are seasonally “announced” and paraded through New York, Paris, Madrid, and Milan, the average men’s fashion trends are largely replications of two primary influences–the president of the United States and men in the movies and on TV. While it is a good suggestion to loosely follow these icons, today’s executive has to be cognizant of how far to align himself with trends. Take, for example, the Jimmy Carter era that ushered in people like John Denver and … Continue reading

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Top 10 Spray-Equipment Problems

Are you looking for a way to reduce equipment problems and maintenance costs while increasing technician productivity? Who isn’t? When it comes to spray-equipment problems, repair shops see the same issues over and over. Fortunately, most of them are completely avoidable. Here are 10 ways to avoid repeated problems with spray equipment. (Note: spray equipment includes power-spray equipment, backpack sprayers, and compressed-air hand sprayers): 1. Start with the right components. Without them, you will have problems. This means components with … Continue reading

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