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Numbers Never Lie — Publisher’s Note

The family truckster, or in our case, a Chevy conversion van, stopped for gas somewhere between Ohio and Florida, causing my 12-year-old self to groan, inwardly, at what was coming.  My Dad jumped out of the driver’s seat, filled the tank, and then turned to me. “So, if we put 17 gallons of gas into the tank and we drove 350 miles, how many miles to the gallon did we get? “ “Aww, Dad. C’mon, I’m on vacation.” “No, you’re … Continue reading

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Operation Enduring Change

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The verb “sur·vive” 1. To remain alive or in existence. 2. To carry on despite hardships or trauma; to persevere.  3. To remain functional or usable. 4. To live longer than; outlive. 5. To live, persist, or remain usable. Phil felt the buzz of the alarm on his watch and slowly opened his eyes. He once could wake at 5 a.m. without need for an alarm, but those days were gone. In his 20s, 30s, 40s, even early 50s, his wife often … Continue reading

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It’s A Numbers Game

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In a world where the goal is achieving close to 100-percent cost recovery, aquatic operators not only have to balance chemicals on a daily basis, but also finances. Using real-world data from both indoor and outdoor municipal pools and waterparks, three areas stand out for aquatic operations: • Industry trends • Basic budgeting • Facility maintenance planning. Industry Trends With the evolution of the family aquatic center throughout municipal parks and recreation departments, it’s much more prevalent to find “waterpark-type … Continue reading

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A Recipe For Successful Youth Programming

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Appetizers I cannot count the number of times my colleagues and I have come up with a great idea for a new program, camp, or class and then watched staff members struggle to turn our vision into reality. After one or two failed attempts, they often revert to some of the more tried-and-true standbys. For example, a company I worked with planned elaborate theme-based summer day-camp programs, complete with activity schedules, materials lists, and instructions for each and every project, … Continue reading

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Live More, Play More

Photos Courtesy of Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

While growing up, my personal experience of playground fun was swaying on tall swings that took me up towards the sky. Then my friends and I would race to the huge metal slide for even more fun! Every day after school we would run to this special place: we could be independent, make our own rules, play pretend games, make new friends, or see old ones—it was a real social meeting place.  Indoor Vs. Outdoor Well, in the intervening years … Continue reading

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