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Lightning In A Basket — Publisher’s Note

Lightning dotted the sky as the lifeguards/swim instructors hurried us across the pool deck and into the boiler room separating the women’s locker room from the men’s. I was 12 years old. My brother was 10. Our swim lesson was aborted and we were wet, cold, and shivering. There had been no time to grab a towel and the boiler room was not heated. But, we were safe from the lighting and possible tornado raging outside. As we waited in … Continue reading

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Hey, Lifeguard, Look At Me!

Photos Courtesy Of Keith Bibb

This past June, I paused to observe an energetic 5-year-old who was getting a lifeguard’s attention by yelling, “Hey, lifeguard, look at me!” As an aquatic manager, I’ve heard those five words countless times from children over the course of many summers. Prudently, the lifeguard turned to scan and focus on the activity of this preschooler just in time to see him execute his unpolished version of a wheelhouse kick as he catapulted into the water. Having survived the stunt, … Continue reading

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Planning The Perfect Waterpark

Photo Courtesy Of Counsilman Hunsaker

Rather than traditional flat-water rectangular pools, stimulating waterparks are becoming the norm for today’s recreational aquatic experience. Once the decision has been made to build a mini, medium, or destination waterpark, several key items should be considered before starting construction. What is your budget?  What do you want to include in the waterpark? How much land do you need? What will it cost to operate? Will it make money?   Defining Success For private developers, the definition of success is simple—to … Continue reading

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Living Honorably

Photo: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / lucidwaters

As the rain fell, I sat quietly in church behind my drums, waiting for the cue for the next song (I play in the worship band). A guest speaker, standing at the podium, began to talk of some difficult times and challenges he had faced. He mentioned that there was only one way for him to truly clear his head when problems persisted. “I drive my car to the Metroparks, take a deep breath of fresh air, and immediately start … Continue reading

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Panoramic Programming

Photo Courtesy of A'Niya Payne

Every year the YoderCenter in Lynchburg, Va., offers summer-camp programs for elementary-age children. These are opportunities to explore the city, meet new friends, experience adventures, and discover treasures in their own neighborhoods. Staff members introduce campers to tours, athletic programs, and art. One project is Picture My World, based on DukeUniversity’s “Literacy through Photography.”  This Summer at the Center program took place in 2013. At the same time a sustainable neighborhood plan was being developed, in which adults were questioned … Continue reading

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