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Serene Latrine

Photos Courtesy of Miró Rivera Architects

Location: Austin, Texas Size: 70 square feet  The Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail is a linear park of scenic trails and landscaping that follows the banks of the Colorado River in downtown Austin. Very popular among runners and bike riders, the park provides residents and visitors with a rural escape in an urban setting. The public restroom—the first in the park in more than 30 years—was built by the Town Lake Trail Foundation, a community-based non-profit organization, in … Continue reading

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Playing Is Winning

Photo Courtesy of NAYS

In 2003 the City of Arlington (Texas) Parks and Recreation Department decided to resume its youth-sports programming after more than a 20-year hiatus. And what a return it has been. Starting with 250 kids in that first year, the department now averages more than 5,000 participants annually.  “Based on customer-survey responses, we started offering youth sports again due to our community asking us to get back in the youth-sports business,” says Wendy Parker, who has been the athletic director at … Continue reading

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This-N-That  What Flooring Should I Use For Locker Rooms And Pool Decks? What is the perfect flooring material for locker rooms and pool decks? As designers of community recreation centers, we get asked this question all the time—and we have yet to find the perfect blanket solution for every situation and set of conditions. There are myriad product options on the market and each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Fortunately, we can help determine the best solution … Continue reading

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On The Right Track

Oakmont, located 14 miles northeast of the city of Pittsburgh, Penn., is a community of 6,000 residents over 1.5 square miles. Founded in 1889 as a railroad town and the namesake to the world-famous Oakmont Country Club, the community is distinguished by an eclectic collection of shops, boutiques, and eateries in its business district, and residential neighborhoods primarily consisting of single-family homes.  Oakmont’s historic Riverside Park is nestled along the Allegheny River, neighboring the Hulton Bridge and immediately adjacent to … Continue reading

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Publisher’s Note — Overflowing With Ideas

When we flush the commode in our upstairs bathroom, the pipes squeak and shake like the walls are possessed. The culprit—at least according to my wife—is the new, plusher toilet paper she introduced to our five kids. Apparently, plusher also means you use more of it and express wonder and shock, “Shock, I tell you!” when the toilet overflows. The problem has become so severe the plunger now lives permanently next to the kid’s toilet. As you might guess, our … Continue reading

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