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As with most agencies throughout the country, the Douglas County Parks Trails and Building Grounds Division is continually asked to provide more with less (less money, less people, less time). Nowhere is this more apparent than in what is asked of the maintenance crews on a daily basis. Designers have the easy job. It is a fairly quick process overall to design, bid and construct a park. But after the last roll of sod is installed, the grand-opening party is … Continue reading

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Know What A Utility Vehicle Can Do

It’s not uncommon to see skid-steer, compact-track and mini-track loaders as well as compact tractors in a grounds-maintenance crew’s equipment fleet. But as utility vehicles become more versatile with the addition of attachment capabilities, an increasing number of groundskeepers are taking a second look at these machines. Utility vehicles have long been popular pieces of equipment for people in buildings and grounds, and landscaping and nursery markets, especially when transporting people, tools and materials. A big part of utility vehicles’ … Continue reading

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Spring Ahead To Healthy Turf

If the goal is healthy, quality turf without the use of pesticides, implementing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is a way to get the desired results. IPM programs have been used for gardens and greenhouses for years, and can be implemented any place where pesticides have been used. The goal is to reduce pesticide use while keeping the plants healthy, making them less susceptible to pests (weeds, insects, disease). This type of program provides thick, healthy turf, and isn’t … Continue reading

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Your Calling?

According to Kim Uhlik, author of our monthly department titled “Manager’s Toolbox,” a Job is what you do, a Profession is who you are, and a Calling is what you profess. If that’s true, then the parks and recreation world has an inordinate number of folks who look at their daily work as a calling–people who, in Kim’s words, “publicly profess their beliefs through authentic word and action,” and move beyond simply managing their agencies to, instead, “become an advocate … Continue reading

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Part 2 — The Internal Distinction

In Part 1, the meaning of “professional” was shown to vary from true believer to false prophet, and was explained as having three parts: discretionary risk (your programs’ safety-to-excitement ratio), customer knowledge (the “magic” behind your programs’ success) and customer valuation (the amount of investment in your programs and career, and your customers’ recognition and appreciation of that investment). The conclusion was that it’s the customers who externally bestow the title “professional” on only those people who–in their discriminating opinion–actually … Continue reading

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