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On The Surface

It is likely that many of us learned to play basketball and tennis on asphalt, with that sensation of feet baking in our shoes. With the inception of the first asphalt-paved road in 1868, and the first Converse shoe (circa 1915), the asphalt athletic surface has been a part of Americana for nearly 100 years. With this surface still prevalent in most park and recreation settings, and budget cutbacks still in effect, some basic maintenance practices, if followed, can extend … Continue reading

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Kudos For General Excellence Hello, I’m an engineer in the Properties Division of the National Office of the Boys Scouts of America. I do enjoy your magazine and get quite a lot out of it. Thank you. John Stewart Consulting Engineer, BSA Irving, Texas ———————————————————————————————————————– SylvanSport Opens Online Store Cedar Mountain, N.C.–SylvanSport announces the opening of its online store, featuring GO, Mobile Adventure Gear camper. From an auxiliary awning kit to reclining camp chairs or storage containers, the SylvanSport store … Continue reading

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Decisions, Decisions

Waiting with my son in the mass of humanity struggling to squeeze its way through security outside of Lambeau Field in Green Bay last week, I couldn’t help but marvel at the energy this one game—Brett Favre’s return to Green Bay–had generated. To say the scene was surreal is an understatement. A better description might simply be weird–in a wonderful and crazy way. As a Wisconsin native and father of a life-long Favre fan, I never thought I’d see the … Continue reading

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Survey Stirs Interest In Liability We found your article on risk and the liability survey very interesting (“Let’s Keep Looking At Risk,” PRB June). This is very much on target with issues we are currently working in providing liability insurance within our program, Coast Guard Morale, Well-Being and Recreation for active-duty and family members. We would be most interested in hearing about your evaluation and report on the findings once you have received input on the survey. Thanks! Robert Davis … Continue reading

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Good Work

The question of what it means to be a professional was explored at length in PRB’s September and October 2007 issues (“How Professional Are You,” Parts 1 and 2). One conclusion was that some managers aspire–or are inspired–to achieve a special type of professionalism referred to as a “calling.” This was explained as a harmonious combination of internal and external perspectives about skill set, motivation and perception. In their book, Good Work, noted psychologists Howard Gardner (multiple intelligences), Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi … Continue reading

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