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What’s Your Story?

Like most people, I’m a collector of stories. I love to hear them. I love to tell them. And, my wife would say, I love to embellish them. Last week, on my way to work, I heard a good one. According to the folks at National Public Radio (NPR), “the Nobel Prize in chemistry was being awarded to three scientists working in the United States with a jellyfish protein that glows in the dark. But the scientist who found the … Continue reading

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Solid To (And From) The Core

In bodybuilding, trainers and coaches emphasize the importance of a solid core, centered within the abdominal region. Program-building is no different. Successful agencies first create and nurture a core group of participants, and then seek to attract additional customers by leveraging the core. Commercial recreation and tourism author John Crossley identified three key components that contribute to achieving these two objectives: 1. Differentiate products from those offered by competitors. 2. Offer all customers (core and prospective) value for the dollar. … Continue reading

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A Refresher Course

I’ll never forget one of my professors at the University of Maryland many years ago. During final exam week–that caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived time that college students despise–he stood in front of the class and presented us with an intriguing scenario: The superintendent of the local school system has just announced that physical education classes will be dropped in all grades unless he can be convinced otherwise. Our task was to write a paper building a case to change his position. During … Continue reading

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A “Nifty” Reuse

The task came directly from the city manager: find the best reuse for the entire second floor (5,400 square feet) of a 30-year-old community center in Lakewood, and do it in the midst of California’s fragile fiscal climate. And, accomplish this without disrupting ongoing operations in the rest of the building. Built in the 1970s, the Burns Community Center was opened to provide preventive health care, nutrition, educational programs and counseling services, and was a site for many human service … Continue reading

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A Jumping Off Point

After six-plus long, hot summers with no pool, Roselle Park District residents in suburban Chicago are happily diving into fun at the new Kemmerling Park Pool. The $5.1 million project–designed by PHN Architects of Wheaton, Ill.–represents a big step forward in terms of recreational amenities for residents. It includes not only the essentially new and modern aquatic facility, but also renovations and additions to Kemmerling Park itself. The former pool, which opened in 1970, was the traditional concrete pool of … Continue reading

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