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America On The Move

After-school programs that only offer video games, the use of portable game stations and other sedentary activities are growing at an alarming rate because parents want to see their children happy, and after-school programs want to increase attendance. However, physical activity is essential, and 30 minutes of physical education twice per week is not enough for kids to stay healthy. The YMCA in Lakeland, Fla., is on a mission to solve that problem, while simultaneously putting big grins on children’s … Continue reading

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Fluid In Motion

The importance of hydraulics in swimming pool/spa design and application has been misunderstood by some aquatic professionals who believe that understanding hydraulics is only necessary when first designing an aquatics facility. Hydraulics plays an important role in the everyday operation of aquatic facilities. Knowing how the pool circulation system operates on a daily basis can curb excessive and sometimes unnecessary repair costs. The aquatic manager should have the ability to recognize changes in flow rate, analyze fluctuations in pressure and … Continue reading

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Blast Off And Paint!

After 40 layers of paint and bumpy patch jobs, the swimming pool is looking old and tired. A job that used to entail touch-up paint and small fixes has become a battle of putting Band-Aids on chunks of uneven, peeling potholes in the concrete walls. It’s time for an overhaul. So whom do you call? Sandblasters! “’Sandblasting’ is a misnomer,” says Al Panariello, sales coordinator for All Pool Demolition in Midland, N.J. “Sand was pretty much outlawed in New Jersey … Continue reading

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Southwest Park

Okay, so I chose the name “Southwest Park” because it’s the first name I could think of in a general way to talk about all parks and recreation facilities in America. These are the facilities where hundreds of kids and their parents take part in baseball, softball, soccer, football and countless other games, depending on the time of year. While it would take months to figure exactly how many “Southwest Parks” there are in this country, assume there are thousands. … Continue reading

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The Hands Of Time

“He makes it look so easy, look so clean. He moves like God’s immaculate machine. He makes me think about all of these extra moves I make and all this herky-jerky motion and the bag of tricks it takes to get me through my working day …” –Paul Simon In the summer of 1984 in New York City, I was dropping off resumes after college and looking for work. Acting like I had a real purpose and knew where I … Continue reading

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