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Targeting Recreation

Managers familiar with marksmanship and hunting as recreational or competitive activities are acutely aware that patterns (groupings) created on the target by bullets or buckshot tell a lot about the shooter. Holes located below (or above) the bull’s-eye indicate the dropping of the barrel (or, conversely, the shooter’s body shifting backwards slightly) in anticipation of the recoil. Holes scattered all about the target may represent an “open choke” shotgun pattern (and vice versa), or more significantly, perhaps, inconsistency. Just as … Continue reading

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Women Should “Divot A Try”

My first golf experience didn’t reveal an undiscovered raw talent just waiting for a bit of polish on the way to the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) Tour. Instead, I ripped up chunk after chunk of plush tee-box grass and, when I eventually sank a clumsily putted, but very long putt, I celebrated like it was 1999 –complete with jumps of joy (on the green) and hoots and hollers of happiness. If you’ve ever played the game, you can imagine … Continue reading

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Make a Splash!

Even the best aquatic programs need an occasional makeover. Typical makeover symptoms include waning participation levels, lack of staff enthusiasm and/or customer complaints. If you’re fighting the pool programming doldrums, here are a few common problems and quick solutions that may be of help. Problem: No Kids Programs Solution: This may seem basic, but most aquatic facilities live and die with kids programming. If you don’t have one dedicated just to kids, consider starting one. Most programs begin with a … Continue reading

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Riparian Zones In Danger!

When Mark Twain ducked school to spend his lazy afternoons on a Mississippi riverbank, he may have thought his surroundings eternal. In the 1840s, how could anyone have dreamed otherwise, gazing along endless miles of gently babbling river? One hundred-sixty years later, neither Twain nor Huck Finn would believe how things have changed. A human onslaught has brought our riverbanks some heavy losses. Today, the riverbank–or to give it its broader, scientific and more modern name, the riparian zone–is an … Continue reading

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Online Training

In this age of Google, YouTube and the resulting need for instant everything–information, videos, products, services and so on–those of us here at the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) realized we had to change how we delivered our youth sports coach training program–or risk being left behind. So, in 2005, we unveiled online certification programs for baseball and football, followed shortly by programs covering softball, t-ball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, hockey, in-line hockey, flag football and cheerleading. Since its inception, … Continue reading

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