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User Conflict

It’s an issue that comes up over and over again. User conflict. How do you manage your park for dog lovers, hikers, bikers, radio control car enthusiasts, runners, joggers, baseball players, picnickers and on and on. Whether it’s a lake, a park, a sports complex or an aquatics facility, decisions have to be made, priorities set and, in the end, somebody’s happy and somebody’s not (usually that’s you – the one caught in the middle playing diplomat). Well, relax. I’m … Continue reading

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Public Waterways

Effectively fund, maintain and manage safe public waterways in 3 simple steps Managing for cross-purposes and multiple audiences is nothing new to parks and recreation pro’s. After all, most every facility and/or property is geared and programmed for both environmental reasons (parkland preservation) and public recreation. But, for whatever reason, when it comes to public waterways, managing for both becomes more complex. Who’s more important? Power boaters? Sailors? Canoeists? Kayakers? Fisherman? Lake homeowners? Swimmers? Local boat retailers? It’s a mish-mosh … Continue reading

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Audible Cues

Goalball and Beep Baseball are popular competitive sports for those who are blind or visually impaired. There are local, state, national and international leagues associated with both games. There is even a world series for beep baseball! These two sports offer excellent competitive, team-based venues for athletic competition for people who are blind or visually paired. In addition, people of all ages, ability, and level of sight can play together with minor modifications such as the use of blindfolds or … Continue reading

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Hook a Kid on Golf

When it comes to youth sports, the big three (baseball, football, and soccer) dominate the landscape. The National Alliance For Youth Sports (NAYS) is working hard to add golf to this elite group. Hook A Kid On Golf is a comprehensive NAYS youth golf program that works to eliminate obstacles to kid’s learning and continuing to play golf, while also instilling in them an understanding of the game’s rules, etiquette and history. The program (available to kids ages 8-15) can … Continue reading

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Managing In Micro

I am the one who speaks for you when you’ve been asked a question. I am the ruination of your personal motivation. I weaken your spirit and water down your enthusiasm. I hear your ideas but rarely spit them back out without adding my own twist. I nod and smile when you talk to me then I say what I wanted to say anyway, unaffected by what you just offered. I sometimes enlist you to take on my idea and … Continue reading

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