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Opening Up Or Closing Down

Splash pads are not really new. My first encounter with one was in 1989 with an early “in-house custom” model that had been installed at a park in the 1970s. It was essentially a set of holes in a galvanized potable-water supply pipe that was erected 9 feet over a concrete pad; the pad was piped to drain into a creek at the back of the property. It worked, but it lacked novelty; the concrete slab sustained algae and moss, … Continue reading

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Play By The Rules

For workers in the playground industry, summer is right around the corner. In addition to anticipating another great play year–many people have begun to make changes based on the March 15 mandatory compliance deadline for the 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for newly constructed and altered play areas. The Importance Of Access The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is a wide-ranging civil-rights law prohibiting, under certain circumstances, discrimination based on disability, which is defined by the ADA … Continue reading

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Old Corps, New Corps

This is the fifth in a series depicting the author’s experience in Marine Corps boot camp. The story continues just after the “recruit” is injured and returns to training, but with a different platoon. I have enjoyed relating my boot-camp experiences over the last four “LBWA” columns, and I hope readers have enjoyed them too, but you might ask, why? Why should it interest someone in parks and rec or a related field? Well, because it’s really about the youth … Continue reading

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Get A Game Plan

An effective baseball coach wouldn’t think about sending his team onto the field without a game plan–a strategy the players can use to outplay and outscore their opponents. Why should you, as a manager, let anyone use a field without a maintenance plan? It makes sense, doesn’t it? And while you’re not out there trying to pitch, hit, and run in a way your opponent isn’t expecting, you are trying to vanquish weeds, annihilate pests, and create a superior playing … Continue reading

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Building The Perfect Piazza

Of all the rituals we try to hold onto, my wife and I host our parents, children, and their children every Sunday for dinner. I have mentioned this time-honored tradition in previous articles–the value of that experience and how it keeps the family ties tight. As time passes, the wisdom gained by elders from challenging experiences is passed onto the younger families, leading to generations of well-balanced, thoughtful offspring–all of them ready to face the world “our way.” As the … Continue reading

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