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Peer Into The Past

Occasionally, when speaking to students, they ask, “Mr. Davis, what was your most difficult job to get?” I reply, “My first local community job in Darlington, S.C.” Anticipating the next question, I continue, “The job at the National Recreation and Park Association was the easiest to obtain, but the most difficult.” Job Hunting Upon arriving at home from a one-year tour in Korea, I never dreamed that jobs would be so difficult to find. During my search–which lasted six weeks–I … Continue reading

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Pooling Sailboat Skills

A small sailboat with two young sailors glides across the pool and makes a graceful “come about” before heading back toward shallow water. Don’t be shocked to find sailboats in a swimming pool–it’s part of a summer class offered by the Port Aransas Parks & Recreation Department in Texas. Picking Up Steam The program started in 2000 as a summer boat-building activity, using plans purchased for a nutshell pram. After department officials had already purchased the supplies, there was not … Continue reading

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Tending To Turf

Long before the first kids take the field, long before the first parent shows up with a folding chair, and certainly long before the umpire yells “Play ball!,” baseball and softball facility managers should be several innings into their own game plan–getting the fields ready for a new season of batters, pitchers, catchers, fielders, shortstops and more. Depending on the location, fields may see heavy use year-round, or they may host daily play for several months, then in winter have … Continue reading

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Living Smarter

The manager at the restaurant I worked at through college offered me some extra hours one weekend. “Come in around 5 a.m., and we’ll clean out the walk-in refrigerators and coolers. I’ll give you $50 if you give me four hours of work.” I needed the money and 50 bucks was a nice bonus in 1983. On that morning, we met out front as she fumbled with the keys and opened the door. The air rushed past as she entered … Continue reading

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