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A Sunny Disposition

Because the Morris County Park Commission in Morristown, N.J., has been forced to do more with less, the engineering department continues to look to the sun to help the operating budget and avoid cutting services. Mennen Sports Arena The commission identified the Mennen Sports Arena as its highest energy-user in the park system. The facility consists of three ice-skating rinks. Rink 1 was completed in 1974, Rink 2 in 1985 and Rink 3 in 2002. Many energy savings have been … Continue reading

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Success Through Collaboration

With the right focus, the right team and an ongoing commitment to the project and the partnership, the public and private sectors can join forces to tackle even the most vexing challenges facing large, urban municipalities. In San Francisco, the shared vision of three brothers became a $45 million citywide effort to improve athletic fields for youth sports. For the past six years, the City Fields Foundation and the Recreation and Parks Department have worked together to address a chronic … Continue reading

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Job Performance And Evaluation

Summer provides countless opportunities to plan outdoor activities and exciting excursions to new places as well as the ability to infuse creativity, leadership and enthusiasm into scheduling. Industry leaders also can deliver outstanding programs and perform at an exceptional level by encouraging team members to keep P.L.A.Y. at the forefront of their minds. Perception is an important component of programs involving youth participants. Whether it’s a pre-kindergarten class, summer day camp, youth sport team or teen program, it is important … Continue reading

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Find Your Niche

It’s an easy rut to fall into–someone pulls the file from a drawer, changes the dates and times, and the same programs run year after year or season after season without much thought. Sure, the community loves the program, and evaluations are good, but it may be time for a full, comprehensive programming audit of your facilities. And who knows–you might even identify holes or downtimes for niche programs–things you didn’t even realize were possible. Coordinating Programs And Resources Getting … Continue reading

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Practice Pitfalls

Being a physical-educator by profession, I am more sensitive than most to the health benefits that organized sports provide–when they are conducted the right way. But there are plenty of youth-sports coaches who arrive at fields and courts unprepared to conduct beneficial practices. And players suffer as a result. One of the basics of coaching kids is keeping everyone engaged–not forcing players to stand in lines like statues, waiting endlessly for a few coveted seconds of action fielding a ground … Continue reading

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