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Publisher’s Note–Animal Magnetism

In high school and college, I developed what I felt was a sure-fire recipe for dating success – combine pure animal magnetism with a dash of hope/patience and, throw in a bit of foolish bravado. Basically, I put out my “vibe” and waited for girls I was interested in dating to pick up on it. This replaced my “It’s-a-numbers-game” theory, which meant asking girl after girl out until somebody finally said yes. (It’s surprising how many no’s you can rack … Continue reading

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Guarantee Animal Encounters

Photo Courtesy of Quinta Mazatlan

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Tanzania in East Africa and view the famous Serengeti annual migration, the largest and longest overland migration on earth. In earlier times, visitors brought home trophies of the “Big 5,” but fortunately today most leave with only photographs of the beautiful African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros, and lion. The first stop in Tanzania was an inner-city park designed to educate the local children and families on the importance of protecting … Continue reading

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Beyond Playing Fields

Photo Courtesy of  Caroline Dzalio

When the Boston Parks Department met with the mayor to plan programs in city parks for the coming year, the mayor reminisced about what he did for fun when he was growing up: fish with his father, play chess on the front steps with friends, and go for walks in the woods near his home. That discussion led to brainstorming new programs that could be offered by the city to encourage children and teenagers, particularly non-athletic youth, to go outside. … Continue reading

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