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Bullying Prevention

Whether you are volunteering as a coach for a town league or a school, coaching youth sports is not easy. Finding the time between busy work schedules and family responsibilities to prepare practice drills and strategies and attend practices and games—although rewarding—can be overwhelming. Coaches also need to be sure their players feel safe and comfortable with teammates.  Good-natured teasing and competitive attitudes have always been a part of sports, and it has sometimes been easy for coaches and volunteers … Continue reading

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Making Positive Memories

Growing up, Rick Bruya’s sports participation was packed with fun, learning, and character-building experiences. And—as it turned out—a career-shaping one too.  From the stinging disappointment of not making an all-star team as a 10-year-old after earning a coveted spot the year before, to capping his senior season of high school football with a state championship, Bruya’s wide-ranging experiences were the perfect backdrop for launching him into the field of recreation. These days, he savors his role in guiding youngsters of … Continue reading

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Lucky Man

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Pulling into the parking lot piled high with snow at 4:00 a.m., Dane knew that those workers’ vehicles without four-wheel drive would never make it in or out of the valley safely. The park would be closed for the day. Dane called the dispatcher, and she reassured him that she would notify his four workers that plowing would commence the next morning, and they might as well just stay home today and wait out the storm. He knew they would … Continue reading

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BioSafe Reveals Branding Campaign BioSafe Systems unveiled a new branding campaign recently. The new look is designed to stand out on store shelves while maintaining a cohesive, sustainable image. Changes to product names are listed below: Old Name                                                         New Name AzaGuard Insecticide                                     BioSafe Insect Control AXXE Ready to Use Herbicide                     BioSafe Weed Control RTU AXXE Weed Killer                                         BioSafe Weed Control GreenCleanFX Moss, Mold, & Mildew       BioSafe Mold & Mildew Control OxiDate Fungicide/Bactericide & ZeroTol Fungicide/Bactericide      BioSafe Disease Control … Continue reading

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Driving Home The Point

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Disc golf has grown exponentially in recent years, with hundreds of new courses being constructed and thousands of new players added. In addition to offering disc-golf programs for casual players, parks and recreation departments can do even more to attract new clientele to their parks.   One of the first items in expanding events is to contact a local disc-golf club. This club might represent a local course, perhaps a community club involving several courses, or a county-wide club. These groups … Continue reading

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