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Sowing The Seeds Of Success

Turf grass-maintenance programs vary greatly from region to region, depending on soil types and turf grass species. The following maintenance program is based on native clay soil fairways/tee boxes and sand-based greens with TifGreen 328 Bermudagrass species at the Mesquite Golf Club in Mesquite, Texas. The golf club received the 2010 Texas Turfgrass Association Golf Course Renovation Award for its maintenance program. This program is designed to produce an aesthetically pleasing course that is safe for all participants. Soil Testing … Continue reading

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Information Junkies

The constant availability of seemingly accurate information on the Internet is starting to change the world in more ways than we can readily understand. We know exactly how far away something is, exactly who was where and when, how that person got there, and when he or she left. We know the occurrence of events to the second, calories in each bite, and weights to the milligram. We are nearly perfect now. But a dilemma emerges. The human animal that … Continue reading

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Golf Courses

Many parts of the world are suffering from drier conditions, with water becoming scarce and more precious. There are challenges ahead without question, but there is evidence that these challenges can be met. For instance, did you know that Los Angeles, which has added more than one million people in the past 30 years, uses the same amount of water today as it did in 1979? In Phoenix, the city uses less water today than it did a decade ago … Continue reading

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