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Overuse And Neglect

Much press is given to golf courses–the turf, the landscaping, the architecture of the clubhouse, even the layout of the pro shop. And those are all essential parts of the experience for players. But, just for this article, let’s turn our attention to a part of the public-golf facility most people don’t usually think about–the paths that wind their way through the course. Admittedly, this is not a sexy topic. Everyone would rather hear about the water hazards, sand traps, … Continue reading

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Second Chances

This is the third in a series depicting the author’s experience in Marine Corps boot camp; the story continues just after the “recruit” is injured in training and is given two choices. After discovering I had popped a hernia during the third week of boot camp, my drill instructors quickly shipped me to the nearby naval hospital for examination. The next morning a Marine Corps major strode into my ward, which I shared with several others–collectively called the “sick, lame, … Continue reading

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John Deere Looks To Global Reorganization Cary, N.C.–To enable greater global growth, John Deere underwent a global reorganization of its golf business, which will now fully integrate into the John Deere Agriculture & Turf Division. The enhanced organization puts its full resources–innovation, expertise and history–behind its golf business to better serve golf superintendents and greenskeepers, club managers, and maintenance professionals. ———————————————————————————— Otter Cove Makes Noise In Illinois The St. Charles Park District was awarded the Outstanding Parks & Facility Award … Continue reading

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A Simple Philosophy

During my 20 years in the parks and recreation industry, I’ve seen the benefits of sound recreational sports programs within a community. I’ve also seen the opposite, in which programs become harmful to the development of their participants and compel children–at a young age–to drop out of team sports altogether. Why are some programs detrimental while others promote sound fundamentals, teamwork, and fair play? There are many variables that contribute to the development of a well-rounded and confident athlete, all … Continue reading

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Taking Sponsorship To The Next Level

The city of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is known for great weather, pristine beaches, and something called “spring break”! Tourism is key to the area’s survival, and as in most places around the country, the economy has taken a toll. The city’s parks and recreation department–while faring better than most–has also had to do more with less and look for creative ways to reduce spending. Since heavily subsidized activities are usually the first to go, that meant special events in the … Continue reading

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