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NGI Sports Gives Tennis a New Kind of “Green”

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (April 2, 2007) – Environmentally-friendly tennis court surfaces are being developed one layer at a time by NGI Sports, a division of River City Athletics, LLC. Over the past nine years NGI has developed and offered tennis court surfaces utilizing recycled and sustainable elements. Not only known for surfacing systems that are economical and aesthetically pleasing, NGI is also setting the standard in the industry by applying environmentally sensitive methods for manufacturing and installation of tennis courts. The … Continue reading

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Jump And Shout

After years of attending school music programs, I’ve noticed the level of the kid’s enthusiasm and the sheer volume of the program decreases in direct proportion to the age of the kids. The older the kids, the less the volume and, unfortunately, the less the outward enthusiasm – even if they’re excited to perform. That’s really a shame. At what age do we decide it’s no longer cool to wear our emotions on our sleeve? When it’s no longer cool … Continue reading

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What is Your Carbon Footprint?

The age old question, “How many people can the earth support?” has now become, “How much land do people require to support themselves?” This is called a “carbon footprint.” Each and every one of us impacts the earth with our daily routines, just by being alive. How much impact we have depends on our habits and rate of consumption of natural resources: water, wood, coal, gas and oil. According to; “Carbon Footprint is a measure of the impact human … Continue reading

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Take it Personally

One of the principal components of the nationwide parks and recreation Benefits campaign was the explicit emphasis placed on “bragging” about success, a proposed behavior that made many recreation managers feel ambivalent, if not uncomfortable. It’s not that they weren’t proud of their accomplishments, it just “didn’t seem right” to toot their own horns. Didn’t everyone already know in their hearts about the good work performed by recreation organizations? The problem, then and now, is that the entrepreneurial environment within … Continue reading

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Why Johnny Hates Sports

The other night I witnessed a spectacle of absolute lunacy, one that goes against everything I’ve been preaching since 1981. I attended my grandson’s T-ball championship game. The “game” was absolute chaos from the get-go. In fact, if I had a video camera, and replayed it for the folks in the stands, half of them would be crimson-faced with embarrassment. Unbelievably, the other half would think there was nothing wrong with their behavior. How can we as recreation professionals allow … Continue reading

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