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Intern Appeal

Maintaining a trained and energetic workforce is a challenge in today’s austere budget environment. With increasing demand to “do more with less,” layoffs, retirements of key employees, and reductions in operating hours, park and recreation agencies need to be creative in their approach to recruiting and developing young talent. Offering internship opportunities is one way to effectively identify and train future leaders. Students trained in parks and recreation, sports administration, recreation management, and related fields often cite their internship experience … Continue reading

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From Seasonal To Sensational

For many in the industry, summer is the busy season and, in turn, the time to add more seasonal or temporary employees. From park-maintenance staff to day-camp leaders, parks and facilities can add a fresh perspective by tapping this valuable resource. But how does one manage these employees to maximize the return as well as their experience? Traditionally, many staff leaders have felt the seasonal workforce needs to be closely supervised and given little responsibility or freedom; others view these … Continue reading

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Turn Down The Tap

Kentucky is famous for a few things–among them its bluegrass lawns. What you may not know is that while bluegrass is native to practically all of Europe, northern Asia and the mountains of Algeria and Morocco, it is not native to North America. Apparently, early colonists to North Carolina, Tennessee and, of course, Kentucky brought grass seed in mixtures with other grasses that later became known as Kentucky bluegrass. Bluegrass is unique because it can be lush, growing from 18 … Continue reading

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Effective Supervision

Every year in parks and recreation departments across the country, coaches and supervisors take center stage as a new group of athletes files in to participate in swimming lessons, basketball camps, gymnastics, and many other adrenalin-pumping activities. Exactly what is expected of a supervisor of these programs? Supervision includes monitoring not only the athletes, but also the facility and equipment, and the environment around the activity (e.g., distractions). In almost every lawsuit claiming negligence, lack of supervision is included as … Continue reading

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