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Keeping Kids Safe

I have to admit I have an accident-prone child. Nearly once a week I receive a report from my son’s after-school care provider because my son has injured himself on the playground once again. Since I do not blame anyone else when I slip and fall, I don’t expect any different for my son. Accidents are not intentional, but they do bring to light some risk-mitigation steps that may reduce the risk of injuries on playgrounds, especially for accident-prone children. … Continue reading

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“Waste”ful Resources

The possibilities are nearly endless for dog owners to dispose of pet waste. Throwing it over one’s fence or putting it in the garbage, however, is not only passé, but with the wealth of research and modern technology available, it is clear there are more efficient and environmentally friendly ways of disposing of Sparky’s little gifts. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a dog, on average, excretes less than a pound of waste per day. Although this amount may … Continue reading

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“Greener” Pastures For Dogs?

A dog park is already fairly “green” because it is a typically grassy area where dogs can run and play. Here are ways to make sure your park is “greener”: • Don’t get the “best grass in the land.” There is no need for weed killers or fertilizers. After all, dogs are there to enjoy running, playing, and digging, meaning they will be doing their best to mess it up anyway. Keep watering the grass to a minimum to save … Continue reading

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Gearing Up

Keeping the growth of grass, weeds and resilient trees at bay or at least under control is a continual battle. Mowers, trimmers and brush cutters all can help in the seemingly daily fight against these green invaders of manicured lawns and trails. In the quest to be “greener” about maintaining landscaping, consider an electric lawn mower. Since there are no belts, hoses, oil, gas or fumes to contend with, it is a low-maintenance option–merely plug it in and let it … Continue reading

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A Little Field Science Reno, Nev.–With small budgets, re-sodding bare areas may not be an option. You can try overseeding, but often with the use demands on fields, the seed doesn’t have much of a chance to survive to become a mature stand of grass. Don Dunivan of Western Turf & Hardscapes suggests aerating both the bare spots on the field as well as areas that do have a good stand, then collecting the cores before they dry up. Spread … Continue reading

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