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Success In Scaling

Climbing to new heights and taking risks are what Outdoor Chattanooga hopes to bring to the Chattanooga, Tenn., region. Outdoor Chattanooga provides free and low-cost adventures to residents by reintroducing them to the joys of nature. The agency, a division within the Chattanooga Parks and Recreation Department, provides information and services promoting the use of natural resources and recreational opportunities, according to Philip Grymes, executive director of Outdoor Chattanooga. So when planning started for the new Outdoor Chattanooga Center in … Continue reading

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Pooling Resources

The buzz about energy conservation has come to life with the green movement, and industries and organizations are doing more than just talking about it. The rising fuel and energy costs over the past several years–combined with a growing awareness of the need for renewable energy sources–have stirred many to take action. This includes the aquatic industry. Today, it is vital for all operators and managers of public aquatic facilities–including municipal pools, water theme parks and fitness and wellness centers–to … Continue reading

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As Summer Sports Heat Up

Through the years, I’ve been asked many times if there was one particular incident that compelled me to create the National Alliance for Youth Sports. While there are many that I can point to as contributing factors, one certainly stands out because it involved my own son. I was at home in Munster, Ind., during one of those typical hot and muggy Midwestern summer afternoons in the 1970s when my son Eric returned from his baseball game. He entered the … Continue reading

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Parks and Rec As A Sit-Com?

Editor’s Note: This column, “LBWA” (Leadership By Wandering Around), is based on the premise that, in order to find out what’s going on in the field, a parks and rec leader has to leave his or her desk and “wander around” the area of operations, talk to people, ask questions, and kick around ideas with the individuals in the thick of delivering services to the public. So the author will bring up issues and ask the leaders among the readership … Continue reading

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