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One of the challenges the PRB staff faces each month is deciding what to cover. As you can imagine, the choices are endless. After all you, our typical reader, are a multi-tasking master responsible for maintaining and operating/programming several aquatic facilities, several public parks and playgrounds, miles of hiking/biking trails, more youth sports fields than I can even count, community centers, recreation centers, nature centers, forested land, open space, and waterfront. Some of you are even responsible for libraries, cemeteries, … Continue reading

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The Right Stuff Part 2

In Part 1 last month, it was suggested that typical job-candidate selection methods may not adequately assess a prospective staffer’s internal and external job awareness–that is, the ability to recognize and rectify current problems, as well as an ability to imagine how the job may evolve. If these factors are overlooked, a newly hired staff member, while making a minimum contribution to the agency’s operation, may not strive for optimal performance. Part 2 addresses two additional under-assessed factors–respect and partnership. … Continue reading

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Superintendent Of Youth Sports

I’ve been around youth sports for a long time, and to be perfectly honest, there are some things that I just don’t get. Here’s one of them: Why don’t we have superintendents of youth sports in every community across the country? It makes perfect sense. After all, just take a look at how today’s educational system is structured. Schools are divided into districts that are overseen by —superintendents! Comparing Classrooms For those of you familiar with the work the National … Continue reading

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Light The Torch

It is often said that an investment in our children is an investment in the future; in many respects the same can be said for our senior population. With today’s seniors’ life expectancy growing every year, this demographic is a solid slice of the recreation and leisure pie. Senior Games has been one constant–locally, regionally and nationally–in which seniors have had the opportunity to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle. While the benefits to the senior population are numerous, … Continue reading

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Q & A – Age Restrictions at Fitness Centers

Editor’s Note: Occasionally, we run across questions posed by Parks & Recreation professionals regarding policies used by others. We suspect our readers may have some of the same questions, so we are supplying the answers. Here’s one example: QUESTION: Hello Everyone, We are re-evaluating the age at which we allow kids into the fitness center. Is anyone allowing kids under the age of 13 in to use the equipment? If so, are there any limits to which equipment they can … Continue reading

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