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I loved “The Senses Of Summer” (PRB June 2009). It brought back some really good memories. Garry L. Thasho WellCare Health Plans, Inc. —————————————————————————————————————————————— HydroPoint Outlines Tips For RFP Irrigation Process Petaluma, Calif.–HydroPoint, a water management company, outlines the top five questions municipalities should ask during the RFP process for irrigation controllers to help local governments do more with less: 1. Is your outdoor irrigation systems proven to save water and money? 2. What are the maintenance costs associated with … Continue reading

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Wanted: Youth Sports Specialists

Isn’t it strange that all across the country there are countless associations that work toward the betterment of their respective professions? If you’re a teacher, you have the National Education Association to turn to. If you cut, bend, shape, and repair metals, you have the National Blacksmith and Welders Association looking out for you. And if your job is crisscrossing the nation’s highways in an 18-wheeler, the American Trucking Association is at your service. Yet when it comes to administering … Continue reading

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Perfect Day(s)

Somewhere in the middle of Kansas it occurred to me–I had forgotten to rent an apartment. In my old life–the one of three days ago–this really wouldn’t have been a big deal, but a quick look in my rearview mirror confirmed that today was a new day. I was married to the cute girl driving the white Honda Civic which, like my pick-up, was loaded down with all of our possessions and headed to our new home in Colorado. It … Continue reading

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Enter The Entrepreneur

Among the many definitions of an “entrepreneur,” two words–business and risk—often are found. Traditionally, an entrepreneur was a gutsy visionary who gambled everything in the hope of a big payoff. Classical entrepreneurship was not for the faint of heart nor the fiducially responsible, resulting in both dismal failures and spectacular successes. Public agencies–as keepers of the people’s trust–were not expected to be entrepreneurial, and often were prevented from being so by ordinance. How times have changed! A Closer Look In … Continue reading

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Pitching In

Editor’s Note: This column, “LBWA” (Leadership By Wandering Around), is based on the premise that, in order to find out what’s going on in the field, a parks and rec leader has to leave his or her desk and “wander around” the area of operations, talk to people, ask questions, and kick around ideas with the individuals in the thick of delivering services to the public. So the author will bring up issues and ask the leaders among the readership … Continue reading

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