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Here’s Your Chance To Rate Youth Coaches

Let’s face it, without all the moms and dads and other individuals who step forward to coach teams around the country every year, organized sports programs as we know them would disintegrate. These volunteers–the ones who surrender time after work to run practices during the week and devote Saturdays to coaching games–make programs happen. How they interact with the kids, design practices, teach skills, and behave during games directly impact whether youngsters have a positive or negative experience. It’s also … Continue reading

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From Eyesore To Asset

“Now or never” is how Becky Steinhoff describes the journey of taking an old, messy building with multiple challenges and turning it into a revitalized, beautiful community asset–the Goodman Community Center in Madison, Wis. “All of us like to go to places that make us feel good,” says Steinhoff, executive director of the new community center. “Our new building needed to be beautiful, not just functional.” With the assistance of Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Program and Eppstein Uhen Architects, the … Continue reading

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Electrolytic Chlorine Generators

The growing use of Electrolytic Chlorine Generators (ECGs) in the public-pool sector is not a fad but a trend–one that has been spurred on by pool operators who have become increasingly aware of the documented benefits of this technology. The efficient and effective use of ECGs has proven not only to provide better water quality, but also to eliminate the dangerous effects of bulk chlorine handling. Salt has played a major role throughout history for its medicinal properties. Over 2,000 … Continue reading

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Homeschool Swim

The city of Tucson’s Homeschool Swim program is held at the Edith Ball Adaptive Aquatics Center, a unique facility that has both an indoor therapy pool and an outdoor recreational pool. The class takes place in the outdoor pool, which features swimming lanes, a specially designed walking channel with a current, a zero-depth beach entry that gradually deepens to a 6-½-foot depth and an area with sprayground water features. The Homeschool Swim program was designed to meet the needs of … Continue reading

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Water Conservation

On August 5, 2008, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors declared a water emergency. The board unanimously approved a resolution to increase water conservation efforts within the county to significantly reduce overall water use. The resolution applied to residents and business owners as well as parks and recreation facilities. This action was the result of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proclamation of a statewide drought, which directed county leaders to immediately reduce water usage in hundreds of county-owned facilities. It … Continue reading

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