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May The Force (Field) Be With You

Thermopylae. Gettysburg. Iwo Jima. The “Cold War.” These are four sobering examples of power being met head-on by power, resulting in staggering losses and resource depletion on both sides. On a more local and, thankfully, less lethal scale, the potential for two or more opinionated, entrenched people or groups to butt heads (See Figure 1) exists on many levels and in many venues. For example, a municipal parks and recreation department director wants to build an aquatic center, but a … Continue reading

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Researching Rehabilitation

Purchasing exercise equipment can be the most challenging of all the tasks faced in starting or expanding fitness programs. The right piece can help boost offerings to a new level; the wrong selection can gather dust in a corner and drain the capital budget. And those outcomes are perhaps more pronounced when looking to enter the specialized but booming area of rehabilitation services. For recreation officials without a healthcare background, the prospect of running a rehab program can be especially … Continue reading

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Giving Back By Going Forward

It’s Wednesday and my children are excited to go to school. Yes, they like school, but they are particularly interested in Wednesday’s recreational activity–Mile Masters. It’s a unique track and field activity designed to help kids give back to the community by going forward. Kids Helping Kids In my community, 90 percent of children are on some type of assisted lunch program. Each year, Mile Masters offers a way for other children to help those who are in need, and … Continue reading

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Equal Opportunity Participation

Listen in on an adult conversation, and it won’t be long until you hear someone say, “I wish I had more time with my family. We’re all going our separate ways, and it seems like we never do anything together.” School and work keep families apart, and other activities, such as pre-school story time, middle school soccer and high school sports are designed for specific age groups. Churches even split families into distinct age groups. Why not offer recreational activities … Continue reading

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Perpetual Heat

The water is too cold! The water is too hot! The water is not hot enough! The major reasons for heating a pool are for swimmer comfort, relaxation, exercise and therapy. Aquatic facility managers must regulate pool heating based on the various usages of the facility. As seen in the following table, competitive swimmers enjoy a cooler temperature while students in “teaching children to swim” programs desire 84 degrees. Efficient use of energy is prominent in today’s news. The pool … Continue reading

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