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Still On The Fence?

Fido wants to play, so you oblige by taking her for a walk. After tossing the Frisbee for a while, you let her run on a dirt trail through the beautiful yard you perfected during the dog days of summer. And still your pooch looks at you afterwards with a sad face that you interpret as…“More play time, pleeease!” You are out of breath–and options–until you remember…the dog park. This destination for people and their pets serves as an additional … Continue reading

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New ADA Aquatic Regulations

Making commercial swimming pools more accessible to the public achieves a two-fold purpose: complying with the new standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and accommodating a more diverse clientele. “Providing a greater level of accessibility…is just good business,” says Bill Botten, an accessibility specialist with the U.S. Access Board in Washington, D.C. “Unfortunately, some recreational facilities are struggling to understand the new ADA requirements.” The revised ADA Standards for Accessible Design–adopted by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) … Continue reading

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Mirroring Exemplary Behavior

In the spirit of the season, most of us look to the new year as an opportunity to reflect on our jobs. For some, this raises questions like “Is it time to move to a new company or even to a new career?” or “Should I ask for a promotion?” and many more. For those who want to retain the best people and get the most from them, take the time to reflect on whether you are the type of … Continue reading

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“Get Off My Bus!”

It is late August, 2011, as I write this missive, but it is as though I am scribing it through a fog of the past, from 35 years ago. Strange, I know. Though it’s difficult to accept, it was 35 years ago that I stepped off a bus at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot, one unnoticed step for mankind, but one giant step for me. It was a step that changed my life and I’d like to spend a column … Continue reading

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Become A Moral Compass

During a routine check-up recently, it was discovered that I had a high blood-pressure episode, so the doctor thought best to monitor the pressure overnight. In a matter of minutes, I was promoted from hospital visitor to hospital patient. I tend to live by the clock, with many self-imposed punctuality requirements. So when the doctor blew the whistle and said “time-out,” I found myself confined to a bed for a few days, with plenty of time to think. At one … Continue reading

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