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Snow Warrior Awards Application Available Milwaukee, Wis.–The Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) is pleased to announce that application packets are now available for the 2009 Snow Warrior Awards. The awards for Excellence in Business, Employee of the Year, and Safety will be presented at the awards banquet at the 12th Annual Snow & Ice Symposium in Louisville, Ky. in June 2009. The Snow Warrior Awards honor those who have demonstrated commitment to the snow and ice industry through continuous … Continue reading

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Room To Grow

The room was a mess. Jackets, hats, mismatched shoes, soccer bags, baseball bags, basketballs and a random collection of junk spilled out of the laundry/mud-room and into the hall–completely blocking the back door and cutting off the only access to the garage. No matter how much I picked up, no matter how much I pleaded, yelled, demanded and punished the kids, the net result was always the same–the room was a mess. I was a mess. Something had to change. … Continue reading

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Multi-Use Sports Field Maintenance

Field maintenance is fairly straightforward–aerate the fields, fertilize, apply extra seed or sod when necessary. Well, not so much. As you probably know from personal experience, how you use each field determines its maintenance program. But unless you run a pro-football stadium, fields often will host multiple sports or events, opening the door for uneven wear and stress on the turf. Multi-use fields can be rather difficult to maintain because of the varying wear patterns, weather conditions and other stressful … Continue reading

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Giving GPS A Different Spin

One of the most important obligations of a manager is to determine how well agency staff members actually do their jobs. Decisions about continued employment are hanging in the balance, not to mention the agency’s ongoing existence, which is dependent to a great degree on staff performance. Accurate and fair appraisal is critical to everyone’s personal and organizational future. A Closer Look Organizations that operate at a high level of performance possess the following characteristics, as noted in J. H. … Continue reading

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Politics, Religion … And All-Star Games

Several issues ago, I wrote a column in PRB on how ridiculous I thought it was to have All-Star teams for 5-year-olds. After receiving hundreds of e-mails–in favor and against–clearly All-Stars rank right up there with politics and religion when it comes to topics that produce some of the strongest opinions. As another season of baseball approaches, or perhaps is already underway, it’s time to take one more look at All-Stars–this time from your perspective. Below is a sampling of … Continue reading

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