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Manual or Robotic?

Over the past year, the importance of proper water chemistry and various pool system components have been discussed. These topics are vital for the health of the pool environment. Of equal importance is the condition of the pool surface. Pool surface materials vary within the commercial pool arena. Marcite (plaster), paint, tile (ceramic) and heavy vinyl are all surfaces used at public pool facilities. The condition of these surfaces is influenced by rain, wind, dust storms, leaves, algae, fungi and … Continue reading

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Bench All-Star Games

The familiar sights and sounds of spring are just around the corner–birds chirping, flowers blooming and millions of parents cheering on children participating in organized baseball and softball programs nationwide. Yet alarmingly, many kids’ experiences will be sabotaged when that nasty storm cloud–the All-Star selection process–rolls through. That ridiculous time of the year when ego-driven coaches and parents begin puffing their chests out a little more at the ballpark, and talks shift to how their child is All-Star worthy because … Continue reading

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No Name Column

When PRB’s Associate Editor asked me to host a regular column in what I consider the premiere monthly parks and recreation business magazine, I experienced mixed emotions. On one hand, I thought, here’s one more thing I need to arrange into my schedule–another deadline–one more thing to worry about among an already overflowing plate of things. But really that was just a fleeting concern, because the greater part of me wanted to do it. Why? Many reasons, but suffice it … Continue reading

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The Automation Demon

From the rotary telephone in my dorm room, I spun the longest digit–the “O.” I waited. The operator came on the line, and I explained that I wanted to place a collect call to my parents’ home. It was 7:30 p.m. on the second Sunday of the month in 1980. 60 Minutes wasn’t on for another half hour yet, so my timing was good. I heard my mom answer and accept the charges. We began talking before the operator even … Continue reading

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