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Integrated Pest Management Update

After articles about IPM began to appear in Parks & Rec Business, Clint Waltz, Ph.D., the educational program organizer of the Georgia Turfgrass Association (GTA), contacted me about participating in a couple of sessions. Clint is the Extension Turfgrass Specialist at the University of Georgia. He had attended the Pesticide Workshop in Peachtree City in November 2005, and I had consulted him on a few occasions since then. His angle on IPM interested me; he suggested that I talk about … Continue reading

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The New You

“Y’know, we’re conditioned, weaned on, and addicted to ‘looking like’ rather than actually ‘being’ or ‘feeling.’ The fact that we prize beauty is the reason that we live in a perpetually disposable society. We worship something that is nothing but transitory. The standards for beauty have changed more over the ages than the names tattooed on Johnny Depp’s arm.” –Dennis Miller Ranting Again 1998 So, another year arrives. Did you make that always-elusive resolution again this year? The one about … Continue reading

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It’s Time to “Run” Our Talk

Let’s say you operate a nature center, which has been offering three free environmental programs per year for the city’s school children for over 32 years. Then, let’s say you were told that due to budget cuts, you were going to have to start charging these schools for the programs. Suppose the schools did not have the budgets to cover these additional costs. What would you do? Five years ago, we had to answer this question. Our first instinct, quickly … Continue reading

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