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Games, Sports And Athletics

It is human nature that dedicated managers and staff become absorbed in their work and increasingly view their chosen field or profession as all encompassing. While this focus can produce commendable satisfaction for all parties, it also can lead to a type of myopia that blurs important distinctions among various service categories, such as games, sports and athletics. The connection among these three activities is clear, but recognizing the differences insures fulfilling experiences. The Difference Between Play, Recreation and Leisure … Continue reading

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The Fundamentals of Sport

So, let’s say you have a child who is four years old, and she starts to show a lot of interest in music. What’s the next step? Do you take her to a children’s band, hand her an instrument, and tell her to join in? Obviously not. She can’t be a musician unless she understands the basic fundamentals of music. This, you’re saying, is a no-brainer, right? Well, you’d think. So why is it that when it comes to sports, … Continue reading

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Elite Youth Soccer Problems In England

The English Premier League is a remarkable success story. By the late 1980s, English soccer lay in the doldrums–stadiums were crumbling, attendances were down, and the success of other European leagues drew players away from England. Top clubs reacted to the problem by forming a breakaway league able to negotiate better television deals and sponsorship contracts for itself. In 1992, the Premier League formed, new money poured in, and a monster was born. The EPL–as it is known in the … Continue reading

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Cycle Burn

“Feel the burn!” We’ve all heard that one … and felt it too. And, although the term “cycle burn” might sound a little scary, it’s one of the hottest classes at MCCS Okinawa’s fitness centers. More commonly referred to as spinning, cycle burn is a clever name for this stationary bike ride inside. It is a nice alternative to an aerobics class that offers a unique twist … resistance. Back in the Saddle What makes cycle burn classes different is … Continue reading

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Aquatic Accessibility

According to the American Journal of Public Health, an estimated 54 million people in the United States were living with a disability in 2005. Considering the average lifespan of both the able and disabled is climbing, it is reasonable to assume that number is even larger now. Perhaps more importantly, these 54-plus million people are taking advantage of improved technologies to lead a significantly more active lifestyle. Nowhere is this more evident than in municipal aquatic centers–locations that have proven … Continue reading

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