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Falling Down

My first magazine job was in the great state of Colorado. From my office window, the entire front range of the Rockies spread out before me and behind the office were the start of the great plains–a high, arid desert perfect for hiking, running or biking. The company I worked for at the time was just hitting its growth spurt and, as a result, the management team had hired a bunch of twenty-something kids who were happy to work relatively … Continue reading

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Give Of Yourself

“I didn’t say you had to let him win. I just said if you guys are playing something and he’s winning … just … uh … let him stay ahead sometimes.” “I don’t understand, Mom.” “Someday you will. Just trust me on this, OK?” “Yeah, well, I’ll do it, but I don’t like it. Mark is sometimes very mean to me,” I explained. “I like to beat him at games.” “Mark can’t do all the things you and the other … Continue reading

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Resonant Leaders

In parks and recreation departments across the country, staff members and supervisors carry different levels of responsibility and authority; however, it is important to remember that each person contributes equally to the overall mission of delivering services to the public. No matter how many services are provided–recreation facilities, parks, bike trails and sports fields–the greatest resource for effective and successful programs is the staff. Coordinated efforts of the front-line staff members who work with the public on a daily basis … Continue reading

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The Senior Sector

Life experiences define individuality. The older adult population (age 50 years and beyond as defined by AARP) also carries an attachment to historical events; these experiences carry through the remainder of their lives and affect the choices they make. What Shapes A Senior? Take into consideration the impact of historical events such as the Great Depression (1929), the repeal of Prohibition (1933), the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941), the Space Race (1957), the Civil Rights Movement (1965) and Women’s Movement … Continue reading

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Retrofitting For Sustainability

For more than 30 years, Grass Lawn Park has been the most utilized “year-round” park in Redmond, Wash., providing a variety of recreational opportunities and a unique respite in the middle of an urbanized area. After many years as a valuable regional amenity, the park’s fields and facilities were in need of renovation. Poor drainage affected the park’s winter-use potential, while the community was emerging with changing recreational needs that the old park could no longer satisfy. In response, the … Continue reading

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