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In The News

Cards & Letters Dear Editor, I want to thank you for a great series of articles over the past year. We have gained many insightful tips from reading your stories and have even been in contact with a few of the cities featured. We are very close to building our skatepark and are very excited. It seems that one of the biggest struggles with skateboard parks is getting the users to wear helmets and pads, and we are anticipating that … Continue reading

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Bridges To Trails

Savanna, Ill. is at a literal crossroads. Perhaps even more literally, it is at a cross-trails. Described by George Bellovics, Grand Illinois Trail Coordinator for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Sterling, Ill., as a “cornerstone” in Illinois’ Grand Illinois Trail, Savanna was able to exceed expectations with its important and unique portion of what is ultimately a grand trail vision. Savanna’s link represents the convergence of important trail and road systems, including the Mississippi River Trail, the Grand Illinois … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

Editor’s Note: Parks & Rec Business magazine presents the second part in a year-long series of articles that will focus on… Everything H20, from pool equipment, safety, staffing and programming to profiles and perspectives on the latest aquatics facilities, water parks and splash parks in public parks and recreation. Willie Basil has a long history with Jones Recreation Center, the only public swimming pool in Demopolis, Ala., and now he’s a part-time full-timer at the center. For Basil, managing the … Continue reading

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Pre-Season Prep

In this article we will examine what you should do to have your athletic fields in top condition prior to a grueling season of sports. Your primary objectives should be to provide safe, playable and aesthetically pleasing fields for your customers. Your mission should then be to “back plan” from that opening day to each activity you need to accomplish in order to make that field the best. This will cause you to do different things to different fields at … Continue reading

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What do you think would have happened if e-mail had preceded the telephone? I know there are those that would argue that it actually did, in the form of the telegraph, but I’m talking about modern e-mail capacity being the predecessor to the phone. If it were so, when the new amazing telephone rolled out, I bet we’d be calling each other all the time and bragging about how wonderful it is to actually talk without having to type! We’d … Continue reading

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