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Line Streets, Sidewalks, And Beyond

Photos Courtesy Of Pine Hall Brick Company

Stroll through downtowns, city parks, college campuses, and backyards to see the oldest trend return: genuine clay brick pavers used in sidewalks, streets, driveways, and patios. Because the pavers are the same color throughout, they combine classic aesthetic appeal with today’s emphasis on “green” construction. Durable enough to last centuries and made from clay and water—two of the most abundant building materials on the planet—these pavers are the essence of sustainability.  Some of the newest clay pavers are “green” twice:  … Continue reading

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Lighthouse Preservation

Photos Courtesy Of The National Park Service

Far north of the shining city lights lies a place where the water is clear and bright. In this place is housed a beacon that has guided mariners safely home for more than a century.  However, after so many years, the structure itself needed its own assistance. In 2011, the lighthouse on SouthManitouIsland in Michigan underwent a restoration and exterior whitewashing that returned the building to its heyday.  A History Lesson Located 8 miles northwest of the town of Glen … Continue reading

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Influenced By The Captain


Cosmo Allegretti died July 26, 2013, in Phoenix, Ariz. He was 86. Most people won’t know him by name. Allegretti was a jack-of-all-trades on the infamous Captain Kangaroo Show that ran for nearly 30 years, beginning in October 1955.  Allegretti first worked on the show as a set painter, but was soon making and voicing puppets. Crouching behind sets, he commanded the hand puppets Mr. Bunny Rabbit and Mr. Moose, antagonists to the Captain’s straight-man character played by Bob Keeshan. … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Selecting Utility Vehicles   Holding the line on expenses is a top priority for facilities maintenance and construction managers, and controlling fleet costs is one way to do that. But with so many utility transport vehicle (UTV) manufacturers and models to choose from, the selection process can be confusing. Here’s how to get the most for your money:  1. Shop for durability. Look for a vehicle built on a rust-proof, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame. Vehicles built on steel frames … Continue reading

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2013 Project Portfolio

Photo Courtesy Of Aqua Design

Photo Courtesy Of Aqua Design Aqua Creek Products Facility Name: Oro Valley Aquatic Center City/State: Oro Valley, Ariz. Cost of Project: $5 million Type of Facility: Outdoor Aquatic Facility Architectural Firm/Lead Architect: Swaim Associates Ltd./Kevin Barber; Architect, Aquatic Consultant: Aqua Design International/Ken A. Paulson; Landscape Architect Status: Completed March 2013 Square Footage: 3,700 (new main bathroom and classroom structure with lifeguard facilities), 50-meter renovated pool: 12,610 square feet. New 75-foot recreation pool: 3,765 square feet. New 1,950-square-foot pool equipment building. … Continue reading

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