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A Hot Topic

While you provide secure playground equipment, safe ground-covering for spraygrounds and backstops at ball fields, are you protecting patrons from harmful UV radiation? The areas noted above are usually in full sun with little chance of shade. And, since most outdoor activities fall during the mid-point of the day when UV rays are at their strongest and do the most damage, shade is crucial to protecting skin. Martin Weinstock, Director of Dermatoepidemiology at Brown University and Chair of the American … Continue reading

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Spray-Equipment Safety

Safety is not only a good idea, but it’s a great investment. The financial implications of ignoring safety include increased expenses (workers’ comp, spill cleanups, medical bills, lawsuits, repairs, etc.), lost productivity, employee turnover, impact on customers/public and bad publicity. The small parts in spray equipment that can have a large impact on safety include: • Hoses • Fittings • Clamps • Valves While these parts may be inexpensive, a worn component or the wrong one in the wrong place … Continue reading

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Teaching Tennis

In Long Beach, Calif., tennis is called a “lifestyle for a lifetime.” Thousands of tots, teens, adults and senior citizens play each year on the Long Beach Parks, Recreation and Marine (LBPRM) Department’s 35 public-park courts in organized programs or for free drop-in play. LBPRM’s Billie Jean King and El Dorado Park Tennis Centers are managed by First Serve Tennis Inc., which is owned and operated by Cathy Jacobson-Guzy, a United States Professional Tennis Association-certified teaching pro with over 25 … Continue reading

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Mental Notes On Metal Desks

In years past, it was at the heart of almost all recreation centers. Scrapes and bruises were treated on it; kids as well as staff seemed to hang from it. You could kick it, stand on it, and even eat your lunch from it. This most amazing piece of recreation lore is the metal desk. To some degree, it has gone away with paper registration. But, unlike the mountainous stack of paper and the line of customers at the rec … Continue reading

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Tornado Ali

The 9-year-old swimming lesson was going swimmingly. My daughter (so I’m told by my wife) was working on her breast stroke and my 3-year-old twins were busy on the nearby playground. Life was almost peaceful. Then, out of the corner of her eye, my wife saw a one-year-old toddler dash from the playground slide straight to the pool edge. My wife jumped to her feet, took two quick steps, intent on intercepting the speeding child, when, seemingly out of nowhere, … Continue reading

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