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Readers Gladly Shoulder The Blame Ron, Just read your column “Put the Blame on Me” (PRB April 2009). Excellent. You are echoing so many of my own sentiments that I had to wonder how and why until I reached the end. Now I know: You said the President is the same age as yourself. Obama was born in August; I was born in November. That makes it three-for-three. One of my early memories is seeing the Chicago riots on television–it … Continue reading

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Stand And Deliver

In the January 2008 issue of PRB, the force-field concept (see Figure 1) suggested that the best way to move toward achieving change is to convert what seems like a threat into an opportunity, rather than wasting resources by trying to destroy the threat outright. While current economic conditions certainly have threatened all sectors, the opportunity lies in giving managers legitimate cause to examine their agencies’ very foundation: what they actually do for the people they serve. Given this freedom … Continue reading

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Don’t Hide The Handshake

I’ve often wondered why most youth sports programs have players shake hands after games rather than before. Think about it. We constantly talk about the importance of displaying good sportsmanship, yet when game day rolls around, one of the ultimate displays of good sportsmanship–the handshake–often gets shoved to the end of the game. The pre-game talks from coaches, the stretching and warm-ups and–at the younger levels–even goofing around with teammates comes first. Too often the post-game handshake for kids turns … Continue reading

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Pool Restroom Makeover

If your pool restroom is in serious need of a makeover, here are some inexpensive ways to renovate without hiring contractors. Start With The Toilets Worn, broken toilet seats and doors that are falling off the hinges may require a complete overhaul, sometimes they just need a little care. First, check the toilet seats to see if the color is faded, the hinges are rusty, or any other signs of wear are present. If so, new toilet seats should be … Continue reading

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Hygienically Speaking

Do you want to ensure park and recreation facilities are clean, sanitary and hygienic, helping to prevent the spread of disease? Let’s take a look at how one hospital ward in England and another in Scotland tackled this challenge in their facilities. By reviewing their success and the current industry research, and by implementing the latest cleaning methods, managers can provide sound hygiene for their own facilities. A Look At The Hospitals According to a 2004 study, the two hospitals … Continue reading

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