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Treading Lightly On Sacred Ground

Visitors to the Manassas National Battlefield Park (MNBP), site of the first battle of what became the Civil War, now have a clearer view of the battlefield–and a better understanding of that momentous event in our nation’s history. That’s because a land-clearing project at the Manassas, Va., site was recently completed to return it to its original condition during the First (and Second) Battle of Manassas. For the first time, visitors can stand on the battle lines of the Union … Continue reading

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An Urban Legend

Urban and North Dakota. These words are rarely used in the same sentence, but architectural and engineering design firm ICON Architectural Group is changing this perception. Hailed “A City Within a City,” Urban Plains paints a new vision for the city of Fargo, and introduces “new urbanism” to the region. And the prized jewel of the development is the UP Center–a $44 million, 15-acre, five-rink complex that is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In today’s … Continue reading

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Hanging In The Balance

The appeal of interactive water playgrounds is ever-increasing. With the downturn in both the economy and discretionary spending, more families are looking for alternative, less-expensive ways to share family fun. However, facility operators and managers must take a conscientious look at their responsibilities. Patrons flocking to these attractions trust the operators to provide properly maintained water that is bacterially safe. Water-quality conditions in aquatic play features change rapidly based on high bather loads, sunlight and design configurations of the features. … Continue reading

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Spray Park Features

Spray parks — also known as wet playgrounds — are gaining in popularity. They offer safe fun for everyone, including people afraid of the water and those with disabilities, as well as younger children who want the security of being able to see their parents while maintaining independent play. An added benefit of spray parks is the low water depth, which eliminates the hazard of drowning. If your park is considering developing or redesigning, there are a few things to … Continue reading

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Different Strokes…

Last night, after tucking the kids into bed, my wife and I sat down in the family room to see what stations our antenna over the garage was pulling in that night – and, yes, you read that right, there’s no cable/dish connection in our house. We discovered we could watch American Idol or American Idol. We chose American Idol. I was hooked, immediately. There on the screen was Randy Travis, one of my favorite singers, working with the various … Continue reading

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