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Kids Are Common Denominator

Parks and playgrounds provide some of the greatest memories of youth. For children, playing in a park, on a playground or at home is more than just fun. It is a way of exploring the world around them and building social, physical, cognitive, emotional and creative skills. For children with special needs or disabilities, playing brings challenges that require extra consideration. Unfortunately, the park-design process has historically neglected the special needs of children who have disabilities. More and more communities, … Continue reading

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Ahh, Technology

There was a time when the word technology was used to describe any idea, invention or solution that helped streamline man’s work – anything that made the old daily grind a bit easier. Things like printing presses, steel plows, combustion engines, and so on. Heck, there was a time, when even this magazine you’re holding in your hand would fit the bill. But now, it seems the world or maybe really, Wall Street, has defined technology as anything to do … Continue reading

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Getting Back To BASICs

Author’s Note: This column is the first of two describing how some California parks and recreation professionals are addressing a pair of pressing national issues: 1. the widespread retirement of mid- to upper-level managers, and 2. “branding” parks and recreation to heighten its visibility, credibility and relevance. It’s no secret that an estimated 30 percent of current parks and recreation staff may retire in the next decade. To meet the challenge of impending retirements, District IV of the California Parks … Continue reading

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Unnecessary Roughness

Over the years I’ve tackled many challenging youth sports questions, from Dateline NBC to Sports Illustrated and even Bill O’Reilly, but that’s nothing compared to what I find sitting in my e-mail inbox every morning. I receive many notes from parks and recreation professionals, coaches and concerned moms and dads, and I’m happy to help as best I can. After my being around youth sports for more than 40 years, certain topics really grab my attention and, admittedly, push my … Continue reading

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Class Introduces “A New Way”

According to recent National Center for Health statistics, 17.1 percent of children and adolescents 2 to 19 years of age (over 12.5 million) are overweight, and 32.2 percent of adults (over 66 million) are obese. Almost 5 percent of adults are considered extremely obese. For someone dealing with morbid obesity, the physical and mental challenges that loom before a workout are sometimes so overwhelming that a person may never make it to the intended exercises. A New Way is an … Continue reading

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